Back On Track / Sunday Funday / “New Me” Balancing Act

Weight: 236.0 / # of Days till Kennett Run 10K: 18 / # of Days till Mud Run: 75 /# of Days till Rock and Roll Half: 138

It’s been a week since my last post, and what a week it’s been. I had grand plans of finalizing the mud run team, running in my scheduled 5K on Thursday, and having a great (normal) weekend. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, but needless to say, all of that went to shit. Long story short, we ended up in the ER with Tessa on Wednesday night going into Thursday. All is ok now, but she was really sick and everything else was rendered unimportant until we got her back on track. Missed work on Thursday, missed the run on Thursday, missed running for the better part of the week/weekend, for that matter. I was REALLY bummed to miss the 5K, because this was the one I was running with my family for my cousin Madison, (and with how historically crappy my luck is I should have anticipated something popping up at the 11th hour) but needless to say, the race I wanted to be a part of the most is now going to have to wait till next year. But honestly as much as the race, and to a lesser extent the workouts meant a lot to me; none of that is my priority, the little peanut is. I am SO happy to report that she is feeling better, pretty much back to being herself, and life is returning to normal. Jenn and I are exhausted in the wake of what amounted to be 4 or 5 amazingly long, stressful days, but things are good, and that makes me happy. I have never been so satisfied with my normal, boring life.

Ok, so back to my regular blog posting; starting with my weight: as of this morning I am sitting at 236.0. I have said this before, but it feels like the weight is coming off much slower now. I am still grateful, but now that I am closing in on what stands to be my two biggest milestones (100 pounds down and goal weight), I just have a feeling that these last 11 pounds are going to be a complete bitch. I look back and my last post a week ago and I am 4 pounds down in a week, but that number feels artificially inflated, and still stings a little just based on the fact that I was at 239 on 4/20, and if I had not lost focus and gained then this would all be weight loss and I would be damn near my goal (done!) by now. Oh well, no sense in beating myself up or bitching about it anymore. Just suck it up and move forward. These things are going to happen, and I did not get this far by being a whiny little complainer, so I’m not going to let it happen now. We’re talking about a few pounds here; it’s not the end of the world. Suck it up Andy.

As I mentioned, the workouts got placed on hold. At least until Sunday: Tess started showing signs of getting better around Saturday, so Jenn and I both decided that once we realized that she was ok we both felt like it would be good for everyone involved if we blew off some steam and relaxed. Just a little. So we each scheduled some time to do something we love doing while the other one watched Tess. So this way we got to relax and decompress without having to worry about how the little one was. If we were both out together, all we would be able to do is think about her and how she was doing. So I got to go golfing for the first time since October on Sunday morning. Got out there for the first time since I started all the working out/ weight loss, etc. It’s funny, I actually had to go out and buy some clothes to wear, since what I had previously just falls to the floor now. It was a great time, just out there golfing (poorly) with one of my oldest and closest friends for 4 hours. I decided not to stop there, I wanted to keep moving throughout the day when I could; and to that end, later that afternoon, I popped Tess in the jogging stroller and we walked for 1.5 miles around the neighborhood, and then finally once we got her down to sleep and cleaned up the house a little that evening, I was still wound up so I decided to go to the gym and get in a late night run to make up for the 5K that I missed on Thursday. So Sunday was a day of activity for me, and it felt great to be back moving again.

Granted, I did not expect Tess to wake up around 12:30 that night and not fall back asleep until approx. 3am, but she did, and we play the cards we’re dealt, right? (so needless to say, I was going to run this weekend’s Long Run-5.5M last night, but I was so exhausted I was in bed and asleep an hour after Tess was…I’m back on track and long run gets done tonight. 5.5m tonight, 6m this upcoming weekend)

With being out golfing on Sunday I got a taste of one of the things I used to do and love before I started this new hyper-focused undertaking, and I realized how much I missed it. Up until this point, the controlled eating and running has been kind of all-encompassing. Now that I am almost done and the spring/summer is coming rapidly I am starting to look at how I can transition into balancing everything. I need to spend as much time as I can with Jenn and Tess, do a ton of work on the house, get back into some of my old hobbies/ life, all while maintaining my new running and training plan. It should be interesting. Just like everything else, I’m sure I’m going to screw it up as I figure it out, but that’s just how I learn. I’ll get there eventually, I always do. It’s a good problem to have to figure out how to balance it all, but a problem nonetheless. I’m really looking forward to piecing together how I am going to live my new life, and seeing how I can make it all work together.

Ok y’all, glad to be back and looking forward to kicking these last 11 pounds right in the ass.

Mud Run team is together and I’ll write a post introducing everyone tomorrow.

Till then, have a good one.


One response to “Back On Track / Sunday Funday / “New Me” Balancing Act

  1. So first off, I am glad to hear Tess is better. There is nothing more scary than being in the ER and waiting to hear what is wrong with your baby. So happy she is good! I know you were looking forward to the race on Thursday, but you were where you were supposed to be and like you said, there is always next year. Sounds like that last 11 pounds better watch out, they won’t be around much longer. Looking forward to hearing about your Mud Run team.

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