Quick Poll: We need a team name for the upcoming Mud Run / Last Call For Team Members

Here’s what I have thus far, but I am open to any suggestions. If you can think of anything better, add it into the “other” category and I’ll add it to the poll.

Also,  this will be the last open call for team members. I have assembled a team of family and friends that is 18-19 people strong right now and a pretty great mix of personalities, fitness levels, and ages. The one thing we have that ties us all together is that we are all SO DAMN good looking.

I’m going to cut the team next friday, 4.27.12, so let me know before then if you want in.  you can facebook me, email me (bigandy.email@yahoo.com), or just let me know in the comments to this post.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, if you are interested, please reach out to me or check it out yourself to see what it’s all about. (**this is not the captain insane-o mud run with fire, 12 foot walls to climb and live electrical wires, oh no. What I am looking to get everybody to do is the “lite version”. This run instead has4 foot walls, cloth tubes to crawl through, and the option to skip any obstacle if you don’t like the look of it…)

The website for the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud run is here. Again, we are doing the 5K run, NOT the 10K. Check it out and join us.

…and at the very least, throw me a click above to let me know what you think out team name should be.


One response to “Quick Poll: We need a team name for the upcoming Mud Run / Last Call For Team Members

  1. I told Mama I am IN! I’m no runner, but this looks like a great time. Guess I’d better start moving!

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