Slow & Steady Loss / Record Breaking 5K Speed / Blowing Off Steam

Weight: 245.0/ # of days till UCP 5K: 14/ # of days till The Kennett Run 10K: 36 /# of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon: 156

Weight is down a little more, I’m looking at 245 now. This is getting freaky; I’m back into high school weights again. Granted, I still look drastically different, body-wise than I did then, but whatever, I’m at 245, bitches. It’s encouraging, especially since I have really struggled all week, food-wise. Actually, to be more specific, I should say snacking-wise. My meals have all been good with the exception of one dinner when I just went apeshit and blew past my daily calorie limit like Ronald McDonald on a burger binge. It’s been the picky snacky food all week that I can’t seem to keep my grubby little paws off of. It’s been so much that I honestly expected to gain at this weigh in. So it is both encouraging and minorly frustrating. Encouraging because even with all the little extras thrown in, I’m still doing enough to lose, and minorly frustrating because if I was on point and completely on top of my game this week, I could have kicked it from a good week to a freaking great one. Oh well, like I’ve been saying, Progress, baby. Progress. No forward motion is bad forward motion.

As for the workouts thus far this week, I ran 4 miles on Monday, and then ran again last night (Thursday) Its been a busy week both professionally and personally (more on that in a minute) so the Wed run had to get pushed by a night. When I ran last night, (and I’m not sure if this is due to all the pent up stress/ nervous energy, the extra day of rest, my slowly improving level of fitness, or a combo of it all) I decided to run a 5K on the treadmill and completely destroyed my previous best time by over 2 minutes. I was able to finish 3.11 miles in 30:48. That works out to a 9:53 pace. I have never broken out of the 10’s when it comes to my pace before. Boom-shaka-laka. Now let’s see how that translates to the road from the treadmill. I plan on running a lighter run today and then going for my long run this weekend. 4.5 this weekend, baby. Time to crank it up again.

So I’ve had a hectic week, to say the least. I have off from work today, so cramming 5 days worth of work into 4 actual days is always interesting. Nothing too insane, but I was definitely much busier than normal all week during the days. When you couple that with the extra stress of my daughter going in for a medical procedure today (hence the day off), it has not been my typical week. **I should mention that its nothing too major for Tess, but stressful to me nonetheless. The procedure was scheduled for first thing this morning, is already done and I am actually typing this post on my phone with one hand while she is sleeping on me right now** back to my original point: I used to combat this type of stress by stuffing my pie hole full of food in an alarmingly efficient manner. But I found on Monday and again last night that the gym has actually helped me blow out some of my stress and emotion and help me manage it much better. It’s been cathartic for me. Never thought I’d see the day where I replace food with exercise to balance myself out. I guess miracles never do cease to happen.

Ok, I’ll be sure to post again and report back on the big 4.5 mile run. Until then, take it easy.



One response to “Slow & Steady Loss / Record Breaking 5K Speed / Blowing Off Steam

  1. What a great dad you are, typing on your phone with one hand so your little one can nap on you! So happy to hear she did well. Great workouts!

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