Picture Updates: April 9, 2012

Photo Update: April Edition

So here I am. I am finally over the month and a half of sickness (knock on wood) and starting to feel better. I now have a few more races down, and getting ready to seriously start chasing down the bigger races now. I’ve got that May 19th 10K in my sights now. 2 more months to prepare for it, and I am ready to make this thing happen. I switched up my picture outfit again, partly because I am a huge dork and love the tech t-shirt that was the giveaway for the Phillies 5k, and partly because this is what I was wearing for tonight’s run. And yes, that is a bandana. That I wore to the gym. The same gym that I was told that I can’t wear it at a few months ago. Ladies and gentlemen, please look directly into the very picture of defiance. Fight the power. What do you want from me? It just works much better than the dinky headband does. And now that the staff at the gym know me and realize I am not a secret inner city gangland export, I figured it was safe to try again. Funny, no problems this time around. I guess I didn’t realize how thuggish and intimidating I looked the first time around…

At any rate, I always get halfway or 3/4 of the way through the month and then get the realization that I haven’t made much progress and worry that I will look exactly the same or not have any progress to show at the next picture, but somehow I can always squeak some out in the end.

So here I am: April 9, 2012: 248.2 pounds.






2 responses to “Picture Updates: April 9, 2012

  1. Looking good. Keep up the great work. I also us a bandana to workout in. I just cant stand the sweat in my face and no little whimpy headband is going to hold all my sweat. 🙂

  2. Wow Andy. You really need to put together the before and after pics now.

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