Minimal Damage / Unusual Run / Coming Out Party (again)

Weight: 248.2/ # of days till UCP 5K: 18/ # of days till The Kennett Run 10K: 61 /# of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon: 160

Got through the holiday with minimal damage. Weight has remained steady even though I ate like a dumpster. (although my new definition of eating like a dumpster is vastly different from my old one) We had brunch with my family at our house, and then dinner with Jenn’s family at her Parent’s. I was good during the actual meals, but after everything was done and cleaned, the “picky food” is what killed me. Just a little bite here and one more there, next thing you know I am stuffed and have no idea how much extra I’ve eaten. Balls. Again, I was grounded and didn’t lose total control, but it was a departure from my normal highly structured and controlled eating. Back to it today, staying hardcore and focused. Came into today, ready to rock and roll and get back on it.

I actually got a chance to go out for a run yesterday as well. That was pretty damn cool, never something I thought I would ever even want to do on Easter. But there was a lull in the time between when we got to Jenn’s parents house and when dinner was going to be ready, so I changed into the clothes that I had packed just in case and off I went. I intended to do 4 miles, but only got in 3.25.I ran out of both time and energy. I’ve said it before, but running outside is exponentially harder than running on a treadmill. I like it a lot more, but it’s a lot harder. The hills freaking kill me, just really take it out of me. I need to play around with the treadmill at the gym and see if there is a setting that will throw in some random hills so I am better prepared. Because that sucked. Although I do believe it really helped to keep my ass in check for the rest of the day, since I had a free for all during brunch with my family. So I will kick out my 4 miles tonight (that I was supposed to do yesterday), and then move on from here. I’m hoping for another mon-wed-fri-weekend day schedule again. I think I’m going to do mon-4, wed-4, fri-3, weekend-4.5.

In addition to Easter this weekend, one of my oldest and closest friends had his son’s first birthday on Sat. Since this was the first time I was out to an event with a lot of people there, it was like another coming out party for me. I still don’t know what to say, because I have always been a guy in the center of the action, (and as a result, totally comfortable being the center of attention) but not like this so much. I am quick to just shoot out a thank you to anyone who is talking to me about it, but I still feel like I’m awkward when I’m talking about my successes thus far. Just something I am aware of and working on, but just not there yet. So if I was weird, stand off-ish, or awkward to you on sat, I’m sorry. I’m not quite used to this just yet. However, amidst all the awkward conversations, I did get a chance to reconnect with a couple that I have been friends with for years now who are both recently dedicated to losing weight and getting fit as well. It was really good to see them, because they look fantastic and I finally got a chance to talk to someone who REALLY gets it. The guy was always a bigger guy as well, so all of our experiences have been very similar. Not that everybody has not been amazing and supportive, but unless you have actually been as big as I was, you can’t fully understand just how hard it is or understand what it takes to really make it happen. Losing 80 pounds is a bitch. Hell, losing 40 or 60 pounds is a bitch too. It was really great to see everyone and I was able to ride out of that party on a wave of congratulations and well wishes. Makes a guy feel pretty damn good about himself.

Now my weekend of party and family is over, Time to get back on that horse and ride it out till the end. Hell yeah.

This month’s progress pics to come later tonight. Catch you all later.


One response to “Minimal Damage / Unusual Run / Coming Out Party (again)

  1. The Hub City Stomper

    100 variations of the same conversation. But it is awesome.
    Stay sweaty my friend…

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