80 Pounds Down / Increased Distance / More Energy

Weight: 248.2/ # of days till UCP 5K: 21/ # of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon: 164

Weight continues to be going good, feeling good. I just passed 80 pounds down and feeling great. 80 pounds! These numbers still kind of feel made up to me. It’s hard to wrap my head around the real implications of it all. I have started the process of replacing my entire wardrobe, but that’s not even what I’m talking about. It’s more the mentality of everything. Not sure I feel like a 250 pound person yet, whatever that means. It’s still a very conscious effort to not go crazy with the food and keep up on the workouts. I’m not sure “go crazy” is the right wording, it’s more like make the right choices and not slip back into my old, bad, fattening habits. It’s great to appreciate how far I’ve come but there is still work ahead. All that said; 80 is kind of a big deal to me, because whenever I would imagine what a good goal weight would be, 250 pounds would always be the number that would come to mind. Granted, I set my goal this time at 225, but that was wishful thinking and setting the bar as high as I could imagine. I always had my good old 250 as a standby, “backup goal”. So when I finally hit the big 2-5-0 it felt like I’ve really accomplished something good and gotten somewhere I’ve been talking about going for a long time now. 80 is also a big deal because after 80 comes 90, and then comes 100. I am now within sight of the finish line, so to speak, and just like during a race, I’m getting a little extra motivation to amp it up and finish strong. Same as I’ve always been saying; stay focused and on point with the food and it will happen.

Runs are going well. I am settling into a Mon-Wed-Fri schedule this week, and then my long run will come on Sat (being as Sun is Easter and it will be an all day family party extravaganza) Mon and Wed saw me run 3.5m and handle it pretty well both days. I will go again tomorrow, I’m thinking of dialing it back a little (per the training program) to 2 or 2.5 and then trying to incorporate some weights into the mix. I definitely need to, if for no other reason than I need to build up my arms a little. I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth, but I’m starting to get little chicken arms. Can’t have that. (but even with my non-existent muscles, and believe me, I’m not just saying that for effect here), you can kind of see a muscle when I flex my arm. That has not happened in more than a decade. I’ve always been more of an “it’s implied that I have muscles because my arm is so big around there HAS to be some big things in there filling up all the space” kind of guy. Same with my legs…but both are starting to get more toned and actually have some muscle in there, which is pretty damn cool. I’m not saying that I am some buff guy by any stretch of the imagination here, but a little definition seems like a huge deal to me since the last time I saw anything like that is back when Clinton was in office (at best). I am ramping it up to 4m on Sat, and between my steady performances this week and the cushion I will give myself with the short run tomorrow I’m feeling really good about it.

Just a quick note about energy. Like I’ve mentioned before, recently I have been garnering more attention from co-workers and acquaintances and the first question I get asked more often than not is “do you have more energy?”. The answer is yes. Honestly it feels great. I’m still just living my regular life, but the difference is that I’m able to maintain and keep on going much longer without that oppressive exhausted feeling. Im digging it. Lately I’m able to go to work, come home, play with Tess and put her to sleep, clean up the house a little bit, and head to the gym to go run, all without dragging ass. (too much, that is) It’s a hell of a thing. There is still more progress to be made but I am really enjoying the benefits thus far.

Ok, off to bed but I’ll post again soon. Have a great weekend and a great Easter.


2 responses to “80 Pounds Down / Increased Distance / More Energy

  1. Congrats on the big 80! That is awesome. Staying motivated and on task is always hard and your doing great.

  2. Woo Hoo!!! 80!!! That is just so awesome, Andy!

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