Slow Weight / Run Distance Progress / Getting Ready for the Phillies 5K

I’ve been slacking on the posting front this week. Sorry about that. The whole house has been sick again and that completely jacked up my schedule. Meant to run more and post more, but had to take care of business at the house.

Weight is good, continues to slow down on me and it’s taking longer and longer to lose the weight. I knew it was coming but damn, is it frustrating. Whatever, just keep going and making progress. I’ve come so far and I feel amazing about my progress thus far. And besides, slow progress is better than no progress. I just don’t want to lose momentum quite yet, I still have 25+ more pounds to go before I’m done…

As for the workouts, not a bad little thing to report here. On Monday I did my “long run” for the week (it was supposed to be done on Sunday, but as I said, my entire house was sick with the stomach flu, so taking care of the girls took precedence over the run) But Monday night I got my ass to the gym, and ran 3.5 straight. Boom. I’m not going to lie, it was hard work. I wish I could sit here and tell you that I am one of those people who just has running come to them naturally. That is SO not the case. I am still at the point where it is hard work and takes a conscious effort NOT to stop while I’m going. But for the Monday run, I warmed up for a quarter mile with a good walk, and then just set the treadmill at 5.3 (11:30 min pace) and just got to it. Ran the entire 3.5 and felt great about it afterwards. Hard or not, it gives an big sense of accomplishment once its all over with. The way I’m looking at it is hard as hell now, but that it will get easier, and as it does, it will become less “work” and more enjoyable. But here’s one motivator: I ran for approx. 45 min total and covered almost 4 miles (including the warm up and cool down walks), and I burned over 800 calories in that time span. Seriously, in under an hour I can burn a huge chunk of calories. Once I get my schedule settled and start doing this regularly, it’s going to pay dividends, and THAT will be good to see. I’ll be doing the same run tonight, and then keeping it light the rest of the week, getting ready for the next 5k, coming up on Saturday.

Speaking of the race on Saturday, I am really looking forward to this one, it’s being run by the Phillies (hands down my favorite sports team). So we start and run the entire duration of the 5K in the sports complex around the stadiums in South Philly, and get to take a “cool down” lap around the field in Citizen’s Bank Park. My goals for the race are actually the same as for the last one: A) Run the entire thing, and B) Beat my PR. As for running the entire thing, I am feeling confident going in. I have spent enough time in those parking lots to know that it is a completely flat course, which bodes well for me. I have been running at the same approximate pace as I have previously, but I’m feeling like if I push it a little bit (and now I’m gaining the confidence to do that and know I will still be able to finish without having to walk) I will be able to beat my previous time. Feeling confident, and looking forward to getting to it. It should be a lot of fun. Of course, I’ll have a recap and hopefully some really cool pics afterwards.

It’s ironic, it would be fair to say that all my time spent in the same parking lots/ general area that I will be running in have contributed in a significant way to the weight / level of fitness (or lack thereof) that I was at when I stated this whole process. I am referring, of course, to tailgating. Tailgating for Phillies games, in particular. My friends and I would all go down about once a month and throw a tailgate with enough food and beer for easily twice the number of attendees (which at its peak came close to 20 people per tailgate). Actually, feeding the bums or other tailgates around us was a regular part of the breakdown/ cleanup process once we were finished up and ready to go into the game. As the designated cook, I would eat my own share, plus test everything that was being cooked (you know, for quality control), plus assume the classic bbq tailgate stance behind the grill of: tongs in one hand, a beer in the other. Those days are done, not the tailgates necessarily, but my super food intake tailgating days are done. Knowing what I know now, and looking at the way I used to eat down there, 1500+ calories just for the tailgate seems like a very conservative estimate. They were great times, actually one of my favorite places to be, but I know that I can still have fun without gorging myself before the game. I may retire as the designated cook, though. I’ve put my years of service in on that front, time to let somebody else take over.

Not much more going on with me, my whole house was sick again but we are all on the mend, the weather is slowly getting warmer and things are looking up. I will try to post again this week, but if not, I’ll definitely post after the race on Sat. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you all soon.


One response to “Slow Weight / Run Distance Progress / Getting Ready for the Phillies 5K

  1. Good luck during the race! You will do well. I hope the family feels better also. =)

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