75 Pounds Down! / Setting Running Records / Another New Toy

Weight: 252.4/ # of days till Phillies 5K: 10 /# of Days till 10K: 59 / # of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon: 179

I have passed the 75 pound mark. This marks a significant milestone and means I am officially ¾ of the way done. Hell Yes. Granted, I already know that the last 25 pounds (27 pounds actually, if we’re being technical here) are going to be the biggest bitches of them all. Feeling great and kind of settling into my new frame (and clothes) much better than before. I don’t look at myself as completely foreign anymore, getting used to seeing less of me. It’s funny, but for all the people I see every day who are used to seeing me changing by now it’s old news, but for those extended family and friends who I get a chance to catch up with and physically see/hang out with on a less frequent basis (which is a lot of them, now that we all have kids and increasingly busy schedules), the shock value is pretty awesome. I know that I’ve lost 76 pounds already, but it feels like last week was my coming out party/ big reveal for a lot of people. It just seems like a lot of people have started noticing/ asking about if I’ve lost weight and how I’m doing it, etc all at the same time. I tell you what; it makes a guy feel pretty damn good. A whole lot of well wishes, and compliments; still not entirely used to that, so I just say thanks and share what I’ve been doing.

Last night was a run night, and it went really well. I actually scored two personal bests in the same night. I ran a 5K and actually ran the entire 3.1m, which is a big deal to me since I have had to walk some every time up until now. Also, I was able to come in with my fastest 5K time yet. I finished the run in 34:20, so I shaved another 36 seconds off my time. Granted, this was on a treadmill and not the roads, but I’m really encouraged and looking forward to the Thursday run to see how it translates and what I can actually do outside. Last night after I got home from the gym it’s like I had to convince myself that I actually pulled it off…I just kept saying it over and over. “I just ran 3.1 miles straight”. Feels pretty awesome. You would think that I would be used to it after running two 5Ks already, but nope, still awesome. I have two more 5Ks scheduled within the next month, and I plan to completely rock them. 10K on May 19th, I’m coming for you too.

So Jenn and I went out this past weekend and got ourselves a jogging stroller. It’s pretty damn cool. Now that the weather is turning and spring is coming back around, I’m definitely going to be looking to break out of the gym and get outside a lot more. It also helps that Tessa LOVES it. We took her for a walk the night we got it and she was just leaning forward holding onto the tray so the breeze hits her in the face and just laughed her ass off. She loved it when I ran with her for a little bit, didn’t want me to stop, which is good and bad. Good because she likes it and I can actually use the jogging stroller for its intended purpose and jog with it (as opposed to it being an underused regular stroller on steroids); but bad because babies have no concept of the idea of fatigue, so she will want me to keep going long after my body wants me to stop. (Maybe that’s not a terrible thing after all) At any rate, it’s pretty badass. Big bicycle style wheels, rolls super smooth, even speakers so I can hook up the iPod to it and listen to tunes without having to run with earbuds in while I have an 11 month old in the stroller (and I do realize it’s only a matter of time till I am running listening to HER music and not mine anymore) There is a lake with an approximately 6 mile walking path all the way around it not too far from my house, so I’m really looking forward to taking her out on a run with me soon. Possibly even running a race with her at some point; how cool would that be?








One last heads up, I got a great response for one of the mud runs, and next to nothing for the other. Not surprisingly, the 5K one was the one that got all the interest and the 10K one got zilch. I’ll be putting together an email to start getting our shit together on that front. I will also be reaching out to some people who I have been meaning to pin down and see if you might be interested. The team is looking pretty solid already, it looks like we have 12 solid people already with a potential for a whole bunch more….

Ok, off to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch. Talk to you all at the end of the week. Have a good one till then


3 responses to “75 Pounds Down! / Setting Running Records / Another New Toy

  1. Hey Andy, you’re making great progress, keep it up!

  2. Awesome job on the 3.1 miles. That is a huge accomplishment. I have not been able to run it straight through yet but I know I will feel the same once I hit that mark. Also the jogger is a great thing. Makes running with the little one so much easier. Congrats!

  3. Look at you!

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