Race #2 Recap

Weight: 257.5/ # of days till Phillies 5K: 12 / # of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon: 181

Race #2 is in the books. The Coventry Challenge was a bitch. I only had 2 goals going into it, Run the whole thing and beat my previous time. Well, I was 1 for 2 on that front. I still had to walk, because I was not planning on the three big hills that were made of pure evil. 3 hills in 3 miles. 3 times the amount of pain and suckiness. They were pretty big steep bastards, and if I knew what I was up against, I would have trained differently, but what can you do? Even with the perfect storm of suck that was the course, I did manage to accomplish goal #2. I finished faster than my previous time. I guess it’s a lesson in “be careful what you ask for”, because I finished a big 4 seconds faster than last time. Ok, say it with me: 1….2….3….4. That’s how much faster I was from one time to the next. Race #1: 35:00. Race #2: 34.56. I should have set the goal as “finish with a substantially better time”, but that’s what the next one is for, I guess. Although, I am very encouraged because even with the badass hills and walking more than I wanted to, I still was able to maintain the same overall speed. I’m still walking away from this one feeling good, since I was out of commission for the better part of a month. I literally only ran 6 times between the two races.If nothing else it reassures me I haven taken steps backward in my training. Now that everybody is healthy again (knock on wood) I can get back into a regular routine again and get back on it. 61 days till the 10K. So I have 2 months to effectively double my running distance. I believe it can be done. Plus, the regular running should have a positive effect on my weight, too, since I stayed the same from one weigh in till the next. Looking forward to kicking it into gear as well, 75 pounds lost is in my sights, and after that, I make the final push to hit my goal of 103. I’m still gunning for my goal weight of 225 pounds and feel like I can hit it in a reasonable time frame as long as I stay dedicated and focused.

So as for the race itself: I again had some great people running with me. A few work peeps again: My friend Nancy came out, as well as Eileen and her husband Joe. It was Eileen and Joe’s first 5K ever. (listen to me, talking like I’m a salty veteran or something here, after I completed my first one ever a month prior) It was run through a few neighborhoods surrounding the school that it was being held to benefit. So it started off pretty level across the school grounds, but then as soon as you got into the first neighborhood, you turn the corner and Boom! A big, badass hill staring you in the face. I decided that I was going to knock that one out fast, just for my own mental well-being, so I cranked it up early and ran up it as fast as I could go. This was a mistake. I got up it, but it killed me for the rest of the course. After that I found myself walking a lot more than I would have liked. I just need to learn to stay in my comfort zone and keep plugging away because I firmly believe that if maintained the same steady pace the whole time I could have ran the whole thing, or at least came close to running the whole thing without the yo-yo pace that I had of run/walk/run/walk… At any rate, I was still able to pull it out and finish/ shave a couple seconds off my time. I still need to work on keeping my pace outside as consistently as when I’m on the treadmill (the treadmill makes it “dummy proof”, you just set it and go, whereas when I run outside I find myself settling into what I feel like is a “normal” running pace, which is faster  than my treadmill pace. So I either need to slow down outside or improve my overall pace…or a combination of the two) but regardless it’s all good. It seemed like Joe and I were on the same approximate pace for the bulk of the race, and we finished together. Nancy and Eileen both seriously kicked ass as well.

When it came down to the finish, it was great, we imported our own little cheering section with us so when we came in we had our own people cheering our names. That was awesome. Eileen and Joe had their daughter, Nancy had her mom, sister and friend, and I had Jenn and Tessa and another friend with her little girl as well. It was a nice little welcoming party.

So like I said, I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to but I’m feeling really good looking back at it and dare I say it, I actually had fun. The hills, not so much, but overall it was a great time. Looking forward to running the FLAT streets of South Philadelphia in 2 weeks with my cousin Chris and then getting some cool pics from the field of Citizen’s Bank Park, Home to the Fightin’ Phils. I’ll be just like the players, only I won’t be getting paid millions of dollars to be down there. (I’m just some schmoe who shelled out 50 bucks to run in a 5K for his favorite baseball team)

Ok, time to wrap it up here, but getting back to a regular workout pattern this week. Actually looking forward to it. With the weather being so nice, I’m thinking I’ll be on a walk/run pattern all week. Run every other day, but go walking on the “light” days, so I’ll be doing something every day.

Have a great week, I’ll post again on hump day.

Joe, Eileen, Me, and Nancy- The Coventry Challenge Runners



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