New Facebook Page:

Quick note: I am starting a Facebook page for the Blog. The blog itself is staying put, but since it links up to Facebook, I decided to give it a dedicated home there as well. Up until this point, I had the blog updates posting to my personal FB page. As the blog has slowly gained in popularity, I think it’s time to give it a separate and distinct identity. This way if it continues to gain popularity, it’s got the room to grow. (And my personal FB stays my personal FB).

So please, do me a favor and check out the new FB page and throw it a “like”. You can get there by clicking on the facebook link on the right, or go to

Spread the word, I’m putting it out there to keep me accountable, to keep me motivated and to motivate others…as best I can at least.

And spread the word, the more the merrier.

A sincere and heartfelt thank you is due to everyone for all the support and kind words thus far, you really do keep me going.

You all rock: Thoroughly and Consistently.


One response to “New Facebook Page:

  1. Awesome! Great idea, did the same thing for the same reason. Heading there now.

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