70 Pounds Down & Continued Motivation / Workout Good & Getting Ready / Get Up And Go Music

Weight: 257.4/ # of days till next 5K: 2 / # of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon:185

Weight is good. Back to losing and it feels pretty good. I’ve hit another milestone with 70 pounds down and have another in my sights with 75 within striking distance! The idea of being 3/4 of the way to my goal will be great, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m at the point now where I know it’s going to happen it’s just a matter of when. I can’t rush it, just have let things happen in their own time.

I have been able to get some good motivation lately in the form of a bunch of old pictures that I have of myself. I look at those pictures, some of which were just taken a few months ago and it looks like a completely different person. That is the part that is weird in my opinion, because as far as I’m concerned: I’m still just me. I’m never going to be one of those people who lose weight and then get pretentious and elitist. I am of the firm opinion that people like that are frauds. At least I’m cognizant of the fact I don’t want to turn into a pompous ass, that’s got to be a good thing/count for something, right? I am all about adopting this new healthier lifestyle and it has had a big impact on some of my habits, but not to the point where I lose sight of who I am and have to reinvent myself from scratch. At any rate, I look back at those pics and I am reminded of how far I’ve come. Makes me feel pretty damn good. I still have more work to do but to see the difference makes me realize that it IS doable and reinforces my drive to finish this.

As for the workout, 2.5 miles tonight, and getting myself ready for 3.1 on Sat. I am anxious & excited.I felt great tonight and now I’m really glad I’m back and as ready as I’m gonna be for Saturday’s race. I would LOVE to run the whole thing, and I would also like to beat my previous time of 35:00. That’s all. That’s where my goals end for this one. I’ve been on my ass and out of commission for approx a month, so if I can accomplish those two things, I will consider this a major triumph. If not, no biggie, I have another race in 2 weeks that I can work towards. But as for the run tonight (all the runs over the past week, actually), it felt really good. Like I’m finally starting to get a little better at this. Time to look ahead and start working on running further distances in the coming weeks, the 10K in May will be here before I know it and I really want to not only complete it, but I’d like to rock that thing and do it in convincing fashion. (convincing fashion for me, at least)

So I sat down tonight to burn some running music for a friend…

**(actually, it’s for Nicole, a “virtual buddy” that I met through the internets. She is a mom up in new england who also has a blog and is going through the same process of running-losing that I am, and our goals/ circumstances are strikingly similar. If you have a few seconds, check out her blog too: www.runningwhilemommy.blogspot.com. She’s a really cool, ex-philly area girl who has been SUPER supportive of me from early on) **

…and since I was already sitting down at the computer I took the chance to update my shuffle and fill it up with some rockin’ music. I have always been a “music guy”, and Jenn can certainly attest that basically everything I do I have music on in the background. To me it’s a huge source of motivation, can completely change my mood, and has a big influence on what I do. Not surprisingly, running is no exception to this, if I have good tunes, it can turn things around and push me to go farther/ harder than otherwise. Now I’ve never understood the association of Techo or clubby/dance music with running. I get the fact that it’s all about beats per minute and the faster the steady tempo the faster you are likely to go, but all that clubby shit sounds the same to me, and its got no words. No words? Makes me crazy. It’s just not for me. I would rather rock out to some hard and fast guitars any day of the week, plus, every third song or so on my list is some oddball curveball thing to keep it interesting. A lot of it is a mix of 90’s alternative rock (think Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots), early 90’s Macho-Ego Testosterone Hard Rock (think Rage Against The Machine), and Early 90’s old school rap. (think Biggie and Jay-Z). So it appears that I have regressed back to my teens and early 20’s in terms of my “get up and go” music. To further this, I am an unapologetic former ska and punk kid, so a large majority of my music is either loud and aggressive, or upbeat and punchy with a horn section. When you mix that in with the random/oddball stuff which ranges from Cee Lo to the Talking Heads all the way to Primus and back to Queen and the Jackson 5, it adds up to one weird-ass playlist. But it works. Somehow. I guess.

For example- My playlist from tonight was:
01) It’s So Easy: De La Soul
02) Hypnotize: Biggie
03) Testify: Rage Against The Machine
04) Sound System: Operation Ivy
05) New Fang: Them Crooked Vultures
06) Lonely Boy: The Black Keys
07) Welcome To This World: Primus
08) F-You: Cee Lo Green
09) Rosa Parks: Outkast
10) How You Like Me Now: The Heavy
11) I Want You Back: Jackson 5
12) Last One Out Of Liberty City: Less Than Jake
13) Out All Night: Pietasters
14) Authority Song: Reel Big Fish
15) Fat Bottomed Girls: Queen
16) Janie Jones: The Clash
17) Rockaway Beach: The Ramones
18) Psycho Killer: Talking Heads
19) The Dynamo of Volition: Jason Mraz
20) The Underdog: Spoon

Ok, I’ll post a recap with pics again after the race. Have a great Friday everybody.


2 responses to “70 Pounds Down & Continued Motivation / Workout Good & Getting Ready / Get Up And Go Music

  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out! I am super excited about having some new music. Can’t wait to to hear it! I think you can hit those goals at you upcoming race. No worries!

  2. No more feet pics!

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