Creepy Guy / Actual Workouts! / Mack Daddy Blender

Not sure what my weight is but I’m feeling like it’s been a really good weekend. The reason that I don’t know my weight is because I’m sitting in my car. Locked outside of my gym. Sitting inside of my DEAD car.

So it was a typical Sunday in that it started off kind of lazy, and the day picked up steam as it went on. It ended up with me and Jenn over at her parents house helping move some furniture since they are in the process of moving houses right now, and the cleaning out process is in full effect. I feel like I got a pretty decent work out just carrying these antique sewing machines up the stairs along with Jenn’s brother because let me tell you those bastards are heavy; but decided I wanted to get my run in anyway so off to the gym I went after we got Tess down on the house picked up a little bit. Fast forward to an hour and a half (and a decent 2 mile run, i might add) later and here I sit in the parking lot. Alone. Like a creepy guy in the parking lot all by myself in a dark car. Awesome.

On the bright side, however, I am able to talk about a workout for the first time in a long time. I ran on Friday and then again tonight, and it feels freaking fantastic. Since have been on my ass or the past month, I’m trying to ease my way back into things. A mile and a half on Friday and 2 miles tonight. The plan is to kick out 2.5 on Tuesday and then 3 on Thursday. That should slowly ramp me back up and get me ready for my next race on Saturday. I was very hesitant going into Friday but it went better than expected, and it really does feel good to be back. I know it’s only small distances thus far but it’s just an amazing feeling to get in there, get a good sweat, and know that I’m burning some calories doing something good. Additionally, now that I’m running straight for distance, I’m able to approach things in a much different manner. The way that I worked it on Friday and then again tonight is that I started off slower and every half mile I ratcheted the speed up a little bit (just by one or two points on the speed control) on the treadmill; but what that means is that I’ve been continually getting faster during the run instead of starting off strong, and then burning up all my gas and then running out of steam by the time the run is over. I’d rather finish strong then cross eyed. So anyway the plan is to get myself back into some sort of running form by the time the race comes on Saturday, and then get myself back in the regular routine going forward. At any rate, it feels damn good to be back. (for real this time)

So every year right around the end of February Jen gets her annual bonus from work. It’s usually a sizable chunk of money, and we are very appreciative and lucky because she works for one of a few companies out there that still does this. Now normally what we do is not terribly exciting: it goes to savings and bills and any number of responsible & boring avenues, although we do go out and buy ourselves one splurge item every year. You know what I’m talking about, the kind of thing that you would never go out and buy if you were in your right mind unless you had a large influx of money. (and even then it might be questionable) So we get to pick up  a thing that is a “nice to have” but not a “need to have” at all. This year’s “nice to have” splurge item is a vitamix. For those of you were not aware of what a vitamix is, it’s a blender. A several hundred dollar blender. I guess the best way to say it is that it’s the mack truck of blenders. The kind of thing where you can throw a chunk of sidewalk in there and end up with with sand. You’ve seen them before, because every Starbucks, Planet Smoothie, Jamba Juice, etc. all have this thing in there. It’s the super high-powered blender that they throw everything in to make the frappucinos or smoothies (and it sounds like you’re starting up a Harley when they fire this thing up) Let me tell you, it is AWESOME. It’s funny because we got it about a week or two ago and since I’ve been sick the running joke at work is that I’m trying to “smoothie my way back to health”. I know its a joke, but it may not be far from the truth. This is not exaggeration, I have enough vitamin C in me right now to kill a small animal. The volume of fruit that is being consumed by our household has gone up exponentially, and I love it. I can’t recommend it more highly, so if anybody has a bunch of expendable income just sitting around waiting to be spent (yeah, right) then pick yourself one up. Your breakfast will never be the same, ever again.

Okay, the tow truck just got here so I have to run. Talk to y’all later and have a great week till I post again.


One response to “Creepy Guy / Actual Workouts! / Mack Daddy Blender

  1. OK, sucks about your car, but awesome workout! And wow, totally checking out this blender as we are, at the moment, blenderless. Cool.

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