Thoughts & Open Call for a Great Cause: UCP Life Without Limits 5K Race

I usually don’t do this, and as a general rule I don’t see myself ever getting really overly into activist mode for any of the charities of any of the races I run. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea that there is a charity and some sort of good coming out of all the entry fees of the races, but that is not what this blog is about. Honestly I am doing these races based solely on their impact on my fitness, not as a means to be contributing to the charitable recipient of the races

With that all said, rules are made to be broken (even self imposed ones) This one race is my exception. And I wanted to use this blog to spread the word because this one does have a special meaning to me.

A little background on this is I have a cousin who has Cerebal Palsy. Madison is the coolest kid you will ever want to meet, and her parents and big sister are just amazing with the amount of love, support, and work they put into taking care of her every need. It’s pretty incredible to watch. I know that UCP has played such a big part in her (their) life (lives) that if there is ever a way to give back, or at least give some recognition to this than I am going to take the opportunity. I’ll actually let Madison’s Mom’s (my Aunt Andrea) words speak for themselves here: *taken directly from the webpage I am about to refer you to* (

Thanks for visiting my page! Please help me with my fundraising by contributing to the UCP Life Without Limits 5K and United Cerebral Palsy–a great organization working to improve the lives of children, adults, and their families living with disabilities!

As most of you know, Madison attended UCP for 4 1/2 years and received the best care possible. UCP also helped our family on numerous occasions.  I can’t imagine Madison going to any other program than this one as an adult.  If you can’t join us for the 5k, please consider making a small donation to this wonderful organization.

Madison is looking forward to seeing you!  She will be in her jogging stroller leading the team at the start!!!

Making a donation is easy and safe- simply click the “Donate Here” button on the right side of my page.

 Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often to check on my progress! Thank you for your support!

So essentially, what I am posting this up for is twofold: 1) My family is putting together a team to run in the annual UCP 5K race on Thurday, April 26 (@ 7:00 pm). If anybody who reads this in the general philly area is interested in running this race with us, everybody is more than welcome and it would be a great way to all get together, hang out and all run a race, or 2) I know times are tight, but if you have a few dollars to spare and feel like doing something good with it, please consider clicking on the link and donating a couple bucks. Literally, every little bit counts and you would be contributing to an organization that has a very real impact on some very special people.

Also, If you are interested in joining the team, also email me at or just leave a comment to this post and let me know what size t-shirt you are, because we are having shirts made up for the team (which is “Miles for Maddie”, by the way) so we’ll hook you up with one of those shirts to wear the day of the race, as well as the race t-shirt that you will also get just for registering.

(I should also mention that Madison’s dad is my awesome Uncle Mario, the poor sucker who I convinced to run my first race with me on a snowy February morning. He agreed without a second thought and was there to back me 100% of the way. I know that that race would not have been anything close to the amazing experience it was if he was not there to do it with me, and I also know that he would have never been out there in a million years if it was not solely to give me encouragement and support. That is just a small testament to the kind of guy he is/ family they are.)

Again, here is the link to join the team or make a donation:

So anyway, please consider this as my open call to everybody to help out if you have the chance.

I’ll be back with the regularly scheduled running/weight loss related posts later this week.

Have a good one y’all.


2 responses to “Thoughts & Open Call for a Great Cause: UCP Life Without Limits 5K Race

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