Steady Weight /Just Can’t Catch A Break / Reality Check

Weight: 268.2/ # of days till next 5K:15 / # of Days till Rock and Roll Half Marathon:198

Got on the scale this morning and it read the same as it did on Sunday. (Actually, it was 0.6 less, but it may as well been nothing) I knew this week was going to be a little bit dicey for a few reasons. I knew my weight last week was aided by my being sick and eating nothing but a bowl of soup for a few days. In addition to that, I jacked up my back, which has sidelined me AGAIN. I‘m not sure exactly what did it, but something left me so sore that I could barely stand up. I had to bump 2 days worth of workouts already and I am thoroughly irritated about it.

Tonight is supposed to be my rest night but I think I may try to go and just walk and test things out. I really hope that by Sunday I am feeling good enough to go on my scheduled “long run” of 3 miles. I feel like I’m taking too much time off: just between the week off after my first race, the forced time off because I was sick, and now this, I have determined that I’m: A) the king of crappy timing, and B) getting frustrated that I need/want to get back into the gym and keep it going, but don’t think I can just yet. Only way to tell is to get in there and test it out (and not be stupid). Listening to my body is going to be key here. Rushing back and re-hurting things serves no purpose at all, it only slows down the process even further.

I’ve seen my weight loss slow down dramatically, and while I am very cognizant of how far I’ve come in this relatively short time; I still know I have a long way to go and I’m looking to get back into it. Let’s be honest, I am not in a position to whine and complain here. I have been doing this for just shy of 4 months now (for arguments sake let’s call it a full 4 months) or 120 days. I have dropped 60 pounds in that time span. I am averaging one pound lost every other day from thanksgiving till now. So yeah, not really in a poor position here and truth be told, I feel frickin’ awesome. Even while sick and with a crappy back I have more energy and feel better than I can remember. I recognize the accomplishments thus far and appreciate them but quite frankly, I’m not done yet. I’m not so much worried about falling off the wagon or stopping; my drive to continue is as strong as it’s ever been. I’m really just concerned with losing time more than anything else. I have it mapped out so that if I can start this weekend, I can slowly work my way up to the first Half Marathon and only increase my long run by a half mile each week. It feels to me like that is a very slow, gradual increase and enough to put myself in the best possible position to succeed and really do well. I’m hoping I can pull it off, but it is what it is. If I need more time, then I do and I take it.

In the long run I know this is just a hiccup and I’ll be fine; but I have had one of those feelings lately like I just can’t catch a break. I can roll with the punches and be flexible with the best of them, but enough is enough already; just let me get my ass back out there.

Ok, enough pity party for me. Glass half full and silver lining and all that. I have been (and will continue to be) enjoying the extra time with Jenn and Tess while I have it, and when I’m good, I’ll be back out there sweating.

Have a good weekend, y’all.


2 responses to “Steady Weight /Just Can’t Catch A Break / Reality Check

  1. Roseann Lynn Brenner

    You are “the” man.
    Keep the faith.
    luv u
    Aunt Roseann

  2. Your accomplishment are awesome! We all have our bumps in the road and we all get over them. You are doing great!

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