Weight Is Back On Track / Sick As Hell- Training Is Pushed Back / Thoughts From My Week Off and Changes To My Ultimate Goal?

Weight is back on track. Hell yeah. Granted, it took me getting sick for 2 weeks (and counting) to kick it back into gear but whatever it takes, right? Back to losing. I’m hoping that I can now keep this up, and the logic is that when I start the workout back up next week (more on that in a minute) the change in routine should keep me in the weight loss zone. Especially if I stay on point in terms of my daily calorie goals I should be good to go. Here’s hoping, at least…

Well, this is usually the place where I talk about my workouts. I did run a mile and a half on Sat. It did not go well. My original plan was to run “just to run”, without any set distance or agenda and get myself back into the swing of things so I can hit the ground running (so to speak) when the workouts start on Sunday. Well, in typical Andy (crappy timing) fashion, I come down sick on Saturday night. Actually, I’m not sure how, but I’m fairly certain I shook something loose and really messed things up during the run. Like I said, it was my first run in a week, and it was horrible. Ran a mile and a half, held an 11 min mile pace, but had to stop 3 times and was coughing, breathing really hard and dangerously close to getting sick a couple times. (All not good signs).  Fast forward to late Saturday night after an evening of hacking up a lung and a fever of 101. So instead of running my first 3 mile run on Sunday, I was in bed sleeping all day. Literally, all day. Ended up going to the doctor yesterday and it turns out I have (and have had) bronchitis. No running for me for approx a week, as it would be counterproductive to put the extra strain on the same lungs/ throat I am trying to heal. Balls. Oh well, I built in several weeks buffer (about 4 or 5 I believe) between when the 10K training program should end and when my scheduled race is, just in case this kind of thing happened and to ease my way into the new distances. Now that I have this extra sedentary week,  I’m going to use it to educate myself about everything that I should be doing in the new  training plan and mapping out running routes, exploring  my options  for cross training, looking up stretching and strength training regiments, etc. Maybe its better this way so I go into this prepared and all lined up as opposed to just winging it.

With the week off, I noticed a few things: 1) I missed working out. How insane is that? I actually missed it.  It felt really weird when Monday night came and I just stayed in the house. It makes me feel like everything that I’ve been doing is actually becoming habit now; a part of my regular routine and not something that I am just forcing in there. 2) I am starting to become accustomed to my new frame and noticing some unforeseen differences.  For example, I am frickin’ freezing all the time now. I used to be that guy who had the fan on year round. February? Snows on the ground?  Fan’s on. I would routinely flip into what Jenn calls “Heater Mode”, where I would literally radiate heat. I could fog up car windows in the winter. Not anymore. Now I’m cold all the time. I’m sure being sick for 2 weeks straight is contributing here, but where I used to wear shorts to bed and sleep with no blankets, now I’m rocking the sweats and running to grab an extra blanket to use along with the one we already have on our bed. And finally 3) given the week off, I have been giving a lot of thought to my long term goals. Where (and what) I want to see myself doing in the future. Looking at options, the timing of when races fall and reassessing things. I haven’t made a concrete decision yet, but I am weighing very seriously changing my ultimate goal. Up until this point, I was all gung-ho about completing the Tough Mudder, a super bad ass obstacle course style race in October. I am thinking about changing it for 3 reasons. The first is : I am all for the Mudder, and I may reconsider it in the future, but after completing everything that I am working towards building up to that, there really isn’t that much left to prove. Secondly is the timing of things. Looking at the upcoming races in my area, and stealing a page from My Uncle Mario’s Race Schedule (again, sorry for stealing all your shit Uncle Mario) the Philly Half Marathon is being run on Sunday, November 18th, 2012. This is significant (and an extraordinary coincidence) because my first post ever to this blog, my first workout, the first steps I took towards becoming a better person, both physically and mentally were taken on November 18th, 2011. It all comes full circle, and how awesome would it be to be able to complete my second half marathon exactly one year to the day from when I started out?  And lastly: Honestly, there is only one thing I can think of that is more bad ass (in my opinion, just based on my limited running experience) than the tough mudder. If I am going to set my sights on “bad ass”, and things that I previously thought were impossible, then I am REALLY going to go for it. (This means that my new goals are going to trickle into the new year) And that new goal is going to be to complete a triathlon. Two, in fact. (I got chills even as I typed that out) In my current training plan for the 10K and Half Marathons, they call for a couple days a week dedicated to “cross training”; and that cross training looks like it’s going to end up being cycling and swimming, just to get used to it. Once I’m done with the half marathons there are dedicated Triathlon training programs that I have seen that I can use, but for now, it’s all about getting to where I’m already going first, and doing some more research to find the best program once that reality becomes closer. I’m not losing my mind, there are multiple different distances/ lengths of triathlons, and I am only looking at the shortest ones (the “sprint” triathlons, which amount to a half mile swim, 15 mile bike ride, and 5K run, usually). Be that as it may, it’s a damn Triathlon. Like I said, I haven’t made any concrete decisions yet, but I’ve given it a lot of thought and it looks like that’s the way I’m leaning. Which would make my 2013 goals to complete the Broad Street Run (10 Miler) in Philly, the Philly Triathlon, and the Atlantic City Triathlon. Food for thought.

Ok, that’s more than enough for today. I hope everybody has a great week, and I’ll post again soon.


One response to “Weight Is Back On Track / Sick As Hell- Training Is Pushed Back / Thoughts From My Week Off and Changes To My Ultimate Goal?

  1. Andy, please call Raymour and Flanigan on Wednesday so that can come out to your house and fix the dent in the coffee table after you apparently hit your head on. Go get them and now you have me thinking I should climb Mt. Everest with my hands tied behind my back. Good to set running goals and as you achieve them, it becomes even more fun. Hope to see you running ahead of me on November 18th. They tell me it is not the time but that you finished.

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