Time To Get Things Moving / Open Call For Team Members

It’s time to start getting on top of things in regards to assembling a team (or teams) to run the mud runs this summer. And if you are wondering: Yes, this is my first attempt at badgering people in to running the mud runs with me as a team. No real pressure here, just looking for interest at this point.

Let me answer a few of the usual questions I get when talking about these runs:

First off, let’s get the obvious out of the way: What exactly is a mud run?

A mud run is a race that’s run off-road, and dispersed throughout the race course is a series of obstacles that you need to complete. If you remember the obstacle course from gym class back in school, this would be the grown up version.

How long is it?

There are 2 mud runs I plan on doing, one is 10K (6 miles) and the other is 5K (3 miles). Bear in mind you are not running this distance straight because you will run for a little, stop and do an obstacle, run a little more, another obstacle, etc. so everything is broken up.

Can I just do one or do I have to do both?

Of course you can just do one. I was hoping to have a team for both, but I am assuming the 5K will be the more popular one, just because it’s not as long.

What kind of obstacles are we talking about here?

I’ve seen balance beams, walls to climb over, cargo nets to climb, more cargo nets to crawl under (in the mud), hills to run up, hay bales to climb over, etc.

What if I’m not able to complete an obstacle?

I have two answers to this one: 1) That is precisely why I am putting together a team, so we have each other to help and rely on as we go through the course, and 2) if it’s something that you really can’t pull off, no worries, you can skip any of the obstacles if you are not able to complete it.

How much are we talking here if I want to join?

For the 5K race you’re looking at $55 for the race and probably a couple bucks for a t-shirt (I’m assuming we will get some shirts made up for the team)

How big does the team have to be?

There is no limit to how big (or small) a team can be. It’s all about being in it together and helping each other out, doing some things you don’t normally get a chance to do, and having a great time. (all while getting muddy)

When are the races?

The 10K race is Sat, June 9th and the 5K is Sunday, July 15th.

I think that’s enough to give you the basic idea of where I’m going here.

So like I said, it’s time for me to start getting on the ball here and put the feelers out to assemble the team.

I am opening this up to any and everybody. Family, friends, co-workers, whatever. If you are interested in doing this, you are more than welcome on our team.

***All I am looking for now is an idea of who might be interested in doing this with me. I’ll put together a list of everybody and we’ll get more formally organized from there.

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions at all.

To let me know, either leave a comment to this post or email me at: bigandy.email@yahoo.com,

I’m hoping we can put together a solid group, it’s going to be a lot of fun…

The websites for the mud runs are:


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