Quick Update

I know I have mentioned this earlier, but I decided that after I completed my first race, I would take a week off from working out. I have been going at this basically every other day since before thanksgiving, so I am taking one week to rest the body and spend some extra quality time with the family.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with my little girl who has just started raising her arms into the air with this huge big cheese grin on her face when you sit there and say “How big is Tessa?” and walking around her bedroom with the help of whoever is helping her stand up by holding her hands. Pretty awesome stuff right there. If I ever needed to be reminded why I’m working so hard at this…there it is. There may come a day a long time from now when you read all these posts, (and then again you may never see these, but either way…) this is for you my little girl. I love you Tessa.

As for the race this past weekend, the feeling of accomplishment has not worn off; and all day Sunday I (like the dork I am) wore the race t-shirt around the house, and felt like a badass doing it. Still feeling like a million bucks and hoping it lasts for a while, I can really get used to this.

As for this week, I still plan on posting, but I’m not sure if I’ll be weighing in the usual 3x’s or anything like that. I may re-assess how often I weigh myself going forward, I’ll have to see how it goes. Without the workouts I know I will have to be really good with the food this week, since I won’t have the extra calorie burn to boost the weight loss. Guess that means I will have to re-focus my efforts a little bit. My parents came to the race on Sat and took me out to lunch to celebrate, and in my celebration, I decided to order whatever I wanted off the menu. (Which in this case, was a burger that was roughly the size of a Volkswagen) Holy Crap was that good. I took all of Saturday off really, didn’t go completely insane, (I still have vivid memories of the New Year’s Eve debacle) but I know it wasn’t pretty, calorie-wise. Oh well, what can you do? I was back on board on Sunday and I’ll be the same going into the week.

That’s all for today (like I said, quick update) but I will be back on Wed & Fri as usual. I hope you have a great first half of the week and I’ll talk to you on hump day.



One response to “Quick Update

  1. Great job Andy! Love the pics and I am so happy for you! You deserve the time off, enjoy it. Oh and I love wearing my race T’s too.

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