First 5K Complete! / Recap and Pictures

Well, that was awesome.

Race #1 is in the books. I knew it could happen but I guess that I was hoping against hope that my February 11th race would be 60 and sunny. Ha. Of course on the day of my first race ever, it would be snowing with a high of 28…and I’ll be a few days into a cold. Less than optimal conditions, to say the least. All that being said, today freaking rocked.

Summary First: I completed my first 5K. Had to walk some, but I was still able to finish in 35:00. (which by the way is 6 1/2 min faster than my previous best 5K time) I had some great support in the form of my uncle, two co-workers, and a random friend who showed up to wish me well.

I hopped a ride down to the race with my Uncle Mario, my family member and longtime runner who volunteered (read: I suckered) into running my first race with me. We got down to the Art Museum (race location) and got registered and settled in . Met up with Maureen and Lauren (my badass co-workers) and then with my parents and got ready for the race.

I started off strong, running at a faster pace than I usually hold on the treadmill and feeling really good. (really, really good, actually) I’m sure it was more on adrenaline than anything else, but I was really moving and feeling strong. Ran the first mile and a half at the same ass kicking pace, and once I made the turn to come back, ran a little and then dialed it back into a run/walk for a little bit. Maintained the slower pace for about 2/3 of the return trip and then cranked it back up to finish strong I have to say one final thank you to my buddy Dan who took it upon himself not only to come out to support me but he took it one step further and decided to run the final mile or so of the race with me. You kept me going out there and I really appreciate it. You’re a good man, Danny B. As soon as Dan left me I was solo for the final stretch, and let me tell you, the feeling I got when I crossed that finish line was just unbelievable. People clapping, yelling, and cheering me on. And even more than that, was the realization that I set out to complete something and saw it through. Looking back, less than 3 months ago, I could not even run 1/16 of a mile. Even in the beginning of November (before I finally got fed up) if you told me that I would have dropped 50+ pounds and would be able to complete this 5K, I would have told you that you were outside of your mind. But I did decide to do this. I didn’t use any gimmicks of fancy techniques, didn’t throw tons of money at a professional trainer, I just did the research, educated myself, dedicated myself to the plan and worked my ass off. So here I am. Finishing a 5K in 35:00 is my starting point and it’s only going to get better from here.

I set a few goals for myself today and I met them all. #1- Finish. Check. #2- Don’t be last. Check again. #3- Complete the race in less than 40 min. Check. Booyaa.

Overall, the whole experience was eye-opening and pretty much incredible.

For the next 5K, my goals are simple. Run the entire thing and improve on my time. I believe it can be done. Bring on St. Patty’s Day.

It is a great start and I am feeling pretty damn good right now. Looking ahead and ready to keep on pushing.

Catch you all next week. Have a great weekend.


One response to “First 5K Complete! / Recap and Pictures

  1. I knew you would love it! The pics are awesome, your time was awesome and you hit all your goals! Great job!

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