Have to Work Harder / Skipped Run & C25K Done! / Nip Solution / Thank You To My Wife

Weight: 275.5 / # of days till 5K: 2 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 261

Here we go with the weight again. up a little, down a little, up a little again. It’s not falling off as fast as it was before, but like I’ve said a dozen times before, I knew this was coming and I’m not afraid to work for it. Don’t get me wrong, if I can drop a pound a day again for the next 10 days, I’m on board with it, I just know it will take a lot more effort than it has previously. I’m starting a new training plan in a week or so, so maybe that will shake things up and kick me back into the wonderful world of super fast weight loss again. If it does, awesome. If it takes longer (read: I have to work harder to achieve the same results) to lose, it’s still good. This is not supposed to be easy, but it IS worth it.

I decided after much anguish & back and forth to skip the run that I pushed off from yesterday. I don’t want to but I feel like hell. Coughing and sick. I went to the doctors today just to make sure I’m ok. Jenn was there too, and it turns out that while I have a cold, she has bronchitis. So rather than push it and screw something up, I’m settling into the sick house, going to bed and getting some sleep. I’ll walk tomorrow to get myself moving and then just kick ass on Saturday. I want to see things through, but I have an even stronger urge to not set myself back on the grander scale of things. So with that, the runs are finished, and with the completion of the race on Saturday, I will have officially completed the Couch to 5K program. (!!!) The first major hurdle has been crossed. I will be taking the week off next week to spend with Jenn and Tess (and get healthy), and then I launch into an entirely new training regimen as I look ahead to the 10K in May. (That is my next major hurdle. I do have 3 more 5Ks between now and then, and I have smaller goals for each of them as well, but the next big step for me is the 10K) Let the countdown begin.

Just in case you were wondering, my 5K goals are: 5K #1: finish. 5K #2: run the entire thing. 5K #3: set a time goal and beat it. 5K #4: set an even faster time goal and beat it.

If you noticed, I changed up the shirt I’m wearing in my update picture for the last one. For my birthday, I received a bunch of those moisture wicking mesh shirts. Aside from making me look like I know what I’m doing, it has had a tremendous effect on my nipples. They feel fantastic. (and by fantastic, I mean not feeling like I just wore a shirt made out of sandpaper) I have not had to deal with any chafing or bleeding for the past 2 runs, so I’m hoping these shirts may be the answer to the issue. Here’s hoping anyway. Both me and my sensitive nipples are hoping this works out…

I also have said this before, but it means a lot to me. I really would not be able to do any of this, the running, the weight loss, the blog, any of it without the support and dedication of my wife Jenn. I try and make sure I pull my own weight around the house in respects to chores and making sure things get done, but while I am off running and typing all this up, she is still at home packing Tess up for the next day, cleaning, and keeping us afloat. I really feel like she gets the shit end of the stick sometimes, and for that, babe, I’m sorry and I love you so much. You and Tessa are the driving force for me to do this, and I am lucky to have you. I appreciate it and thanks for being so amazing. I love you both.

Ok, off to bed. Not sure I will post again on Tomorrow, I may just hold off until after the race on Sat. At any rate, talk to you all soon. Have a great rest of the week.


2 responses to “Have to Work Harder / Skipped Run & C25K Done! / Nip Solution / Thank You To My Wife

  1. Just wanted to say have a great race. You are more than ready. Don’t go out too fast and just smile. You will be psyched to cross that finish line no matter what your time is. You have come a long way and should be super proud of yourself. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Rock on my virtual friend!

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