Iffy Weight / First Time Outside / Geeking Out

Weight: 277.2 / # of days till 5K: 8 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 267

To be honest, it does not surprise me that I gained a little bit, I just ate a big ass piece of Black Forrest Cake for my birthday. I was with Jenn’s family for my birthday dinner tonight. One day down, tomorrow is reserved for Jenn, Tessa and Me, and Sunday is my family. So day #1 of the birthday weekend food extravaganza is down. Like I’ve been saying, even if I relax a little bit this weekend, I’m back on board full tilt come monday. By the way, hell of a way to celebrate a birthday, 50+ pounds less than I thought I would be weighing and marking the halfway point to my end goal in regards to weight.

So I ran outside for the first time today. I really liked it. It was exponentially harder than the treadmill, but ironically, I actually held up a faster pace than I usually keep on the treadmill. I’ve decided I both love and hate hills. Hate going up them, Love going down them. Not only did I run outside for the first time, but I also ran in the daylight. I’m really shaking things up, I know. In the interest of full disclosure, the run was still less of a “run” and more of a “run/walk”. I started off walking for almost 10 min, covered about a half a mile, and then kicked into the run. It was really surprising to me how easy and oddly natural it was to kick into a full run. I started off strong, really strong. I actually held it up a long time, but then did have to back off and walk some in the later parts. And while I was walking (and panting and sweating), another runner (who was clearly in much better shape than me) came running by and just gave me a quick pat on the back as he went by and said “keep on going, you can do it!” How freaking awesome is that? Seriously. Awesome.

But the shining moment for me was: I covered a 5K today, not a pretend treadmill 5K, a real, honest to goodness 3.1 miles today and I did it faster then I have yet. Booyaa. This can get addicting.

It was a mixed day, really good, really bad. I had to skip out on a long standing tradition with some of my friends this morning . I know it was just one day, but still sucks. But then I blew out all the pent up stress from a hectic week and this morning on my run. Seriously, I felt better immediately after I was done. It took a turn for the better, hung out with Jenn, Tess, and her family, had a dinner that I got to request, and then had my first of two birthday cakes for the weekend. Good day overall. Tomorrow and Sunday are looking to be even better. It’s going to be a good weekend.

So I’m geeking out and hooking myself up for my birthday. Looks like I’m getting myself the fancy Nike+ GPS Sport Watch with my birthday loot. Do I need it? absolutely not. Do I want it? (because it’s freaking awesome?) Absloutley.

Ok, I’m off to go to bed. Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you all on monday when I start the countdown to my first race.


2 responses to “Iffy Weight / First Time Outside / Geeking Out

  1. I love this. Very proud of you 🙂

  2. Well done Andy and Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy every minute of it.

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