Halfway There! / Strong Run & Just A Little Bleeding(?!?!) / Fair Warning

Weight: 276.8 / # of days till 5K: 9 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 268

So I have officially made it. I am now halfway to my goal weight. It’s a good feeling, and now I can relax a little and do a little gratuitous patting myself on the back. It’s crazy to me to even think of 52 pounds in 2 ½ months; or to visualize the fact that I was lugging an extra 52 pounds with me during whatever I was doing just a few months ago. It’s convenient that I hit this milestone now, literally days before my birthday, so now I can relax a little (even if it’s only for the weekend), and then get back on it strong come Monday morning. Hello Birthday Cake, it’s good to see you.

As for the run, I actually have a few things to report here. For my warm up, I actually decided to take a run around the quarter mile circle in my neighborhood (the same one where I would run when I had just started out, back when I was doing the 4 weeks to 1 mile program) I did it because I really wanted to see what running outside was like; and oh boy, was it ever enlightening. I made the run around the entire quarter mile without stopping or anything, which was REALLY cool, just because completing that was something that seemed impossible to me back when I was running it before. In terms of accomplishing something I have not done before, huge plus. In terms of breathing heavy and (apparently) not pacing myself correctly, huge minus. It’s funny how I can run for 20 min straight at the gym but one lap around the circle and I was breathing and sweating like I just finished a half marathon. At any rate, it’s something to work on and keep going at. I’ll be doing my best to be outside more and more moving forward from here. I’m thinking I just need to go out one day and experiment, keep varying my pace until I find one that mirrors what I’m doing in the gym and that I’m comfortable with. Only way to get it right is to just get my ass out there and do it, I’m guessing. A buddy of mine came to the gym with me, and it was actually really nice to have someone to work out with and talk to (while I was in the part of the workout that I could talk during, anyway). My workout was back up to: warm up, run for 20 min straight, walk for 2 min, run for 1 more min, and then cool down. I made it through, and then dialed up the speed a little for the 1 min run at the end. As usual I was a panting, sweaty mess, but completed it and was all good. I actually felt really good afterwards. Well, pretty good with the exception of one thing…

So as I was changing my shirt after the run, I just happened to glance down and notice a red spot right there on my chest. I was actually happy to have someone else there, just so they could bear witness and I knew my mind was not playing tricks on me. It was not enough to show through or anything, but that does not help me at all, it doesn’t change the fact that I was bleeding from my nipple. It’s funny, I have received an outpouring of advice since my last post, and I never realized my nipples would be such a hot button topic for conversation. I laugh every time I think about it. I will be doing some shopping/ preventative maintenance this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10 Days left till the race, It’s real and coming, whether I like it or not. Fair warning to everybody, I really can’t think of anything past this first race, but once I am , watch out, then it will be time for me to start getting organized and putting together teams for races coming in the future. So in the interest of full disclosure, watch out, because harassment will begin in T-minus 11 days…

On a side note, my apologies for late posting. I usually come home and type my post out as I unwind after my run, but I had to run some errands after the gym and by the time I got home, I was just exhausted and decided it would be in everybody’s best interests for me to just go to bed.

Have a great day, and I’ll post again on Friday.


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