Suck On That, Fat Scale / Shockingly Good Run / Adventures in Big & Tall Shopping

Weight: 283.2/ # of days till 5K: 19 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 278

 Loving the weight loss. Just feeling very grateful regarding that topic lately. And when I weighed in for the work weight loss contest this morning, I broke 300 on the fat scale! Suck on that, fat scale. Still a little perturbed that there is such a big difference between the work fat scale and my scale at home, but I can’t control it, so whatever, I’m just letting it go. Next goal for me is to break the weight of 276.9, which will mark 51.9 pounds lost and be my official halfway mark towards my goal weight.

Ran 12 min straight tonight. (18 total min again).It actually went really well, I was shocked. my main beef is that I am still breathing hard, right from the start. heart rate is decent, but I’m still breathing heavier than sling blade. The next run is 18 min total as well, just broken up differently; and then on Friday my run consists of running for 20 min straight. Well, THAT should be interesting. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Still have the entire week to get through before I can think about it. I try not to look ahead, but everything seems to be coming pretty fast now, and with the workout changing every day instead of every week, I like to be prepared, at least somewhat, for what I’m in for walking/ running-wise. It’s funny, I call the running portions of my workouts runs a “run”, (and I guess by the literal definition it is) but it’s really more of a jog. And I’m oddly ok with that.

So I went pants shopping over the weekend. I am so happy to report that I am now 4 (4!) pants sizes smaller that I was before. I am not as happy to report however, that I am still not quite out of the big & tall man’s curse of severely limited clothing choices and even more limited inventories. I’ll bust out of it soon, but for now, I had to try on the one (literally one) pair of pants that the store in the size I wanted and now I will go and order pants online. On the topic of Men’s Big & Tall: It makes me crazy the stuff they expect you to wear just because you’re fat. Like pleated pants. Why in the hell would I ever want to wear pleated pants? Not sure about anyone else, but without a well defined waistline, whenever I put them on it looks like I have a weird cross between a water balloon and a camping tent running from my belly button to mid thigh. It’s really ridiculous. Or even better: banded bottom shirts. Shirts made for overweight men with an elastic band on the bottom to cinch it around your waist. (And in the process, highlight exactly how big your belly is) I can’t even begin to explain how wrong that is on every level imaginable. It’s like they want to punish the big men by making us look like clowns.

 Before, I would wonder all the time about what style I would have when I lost weight…reason being when you’re big, especially in my case, my choices were to either order clothes online sight unseen and gamble on the crapshoot that they will actually look like the computer screen picture (somewhat likely) and fit ok (even less likely) when they get shipped to me, or go to one of the two stores in my area that sell big and tall clothes. Needless to say my options were severely limited. Basically the decision as to what I wore was boiled down to either looking like a water balloon clown or sporting the only clothes that were offered that were close to looking good. My style is dictated by the marketers at The Casual Male and the JCP Big & Tall Dept. I have actually been able to pick out other big guys who have to shop at the same places, because frankly there isn’t too much variety at any given time that is cool, so you get a bunch of big men who all have to buy the same clothes and all trying to not wear the same shirt out on the same night. Now I am realizing that shortly I will finally be presented with choices as to where I want to shop. That will take some getting used to. So looking ahead, now if I look like a clown, at least it will be my own fault.

 Just another run of the mill Monday night: Put Tessa to sleep, Gym, Shower, Couch, Bed. Settling into a routine here…and I’m oddly ok with that too. Hope everything is going well for everybody.  Talk to you again on hump day.


2 responses to “Suck On That, Fat Scale / Shockingly Good Run / Adventures in Big & Tall Shopping

  1. Congrats on the wight loss! That is awesome! I am happy to hear you are smart enough not to wear pleated pants, LOL. Don’t wear them at your goal weight either. Besides not being that nice, they tend to add pounds, IMO. I am excited for you. You are doing great and I am very impressed with the races you have lined up! Is your RnR half in Philly? That one is on my Radar, but not this year. We have one in RI too but Philly is my first love. Ha Ha

  2. The RnR is in Philly. I am so excited about the weight, makes me feel like the work is really paying off. It’s a great feeling, but also kind of cautionary at the same time, since I’m making this progress I need to make sure the weight not only comes off, but stays off…

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