Feeling Good / Solid Run / A Look @ Food

Weight: 288.0/ # of days till 5K: 22 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 281

Feeling good about the weight this week. Can’t rest, have to stay focused and on point, but man do I feel good. I’m still not even halfway to my goal weight, but getting there faster than I thought I was going to. So at this point, it’s just keep on truckin’ and see how far, how fast I can get there. I realize that there is no possible way I can keep up this 20 pound a month pace, but I’m not complaining while it’s going on.

I ran for 10 minutes straight tonight. A close to 300 pound man ran for 10 minutes straight- 18 minutes total! Hell yeah. I kept finding myself thinking about it all day at work, a little intimidated. 10 minutes sounded (and felt like) an eternity. Not to mention the 8 I ran immediately before it. In the interest of full disclosure, I had to dial back the speed a little bit (to 5.2 from my usual 5.4) and decrease the incline (down to 1.0 from my usual 2.0), but doing that gave me a great confidence boost and I just rocked it. Well, rocked it as much I could. Same as always, breathing hard right from the beginning, sweating buckets by the end, just maintaining and hanging on to the end, but (also same as always), finishing it out. It feels pretty good to recognize that no matter how far I push myself on this plan, I can pull it off. If I had unlimited time, I would repeat each week until I could not only complete it, but really excel and own it, but I don’t have unlimited time, Feb 11 (and my first 5K) is coming up faster and faster. At this point, I say bring it on, I’m finishing that thing, and even if I have to walk a little bit, so be it. I have not really considered what the cold air is going to do to me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really need to stop pampering myself and get running outside a few times to get used to it. Time to rock the tights…

The runs seem like they are getting markedly longer and longer each time. Honestly, looking back at things, if I was given the chance to do things over again, I would have probably chosen a different running plan for the 5K training. I’m just not sure I like the whole “running for time and not distance” aspect of the one I’m using. Not to mention, there was an update to the app after I was into it for a week or two that changed the name from “Couch to 5K” to just “Run 5K” as well as changed some of the workouts a bit. (I have no official frame of reference at all here, but I would imagine it was a legal thing since they are not the “official” couch to 5K app. Again, that is just my speculation, but it seems like it could be plausible. Especially since an “official” app has come out. However, I just wasn’t about to drop more money on a replacement app to use instead of one that I already had that worked perfectly fine.) But as a result to the tinkering of the runs, they shortened the program by a week and I feel like I’m paying the price for it now with the big jump in time from 8 to 10 min. It’s all good, but my legs would have appreciated a more gradual increase. No Pain, No Gain, I guess. Whatever. Honestly, as long as I end up running 5K at the end, I can get down with it.

I was talking to a co-worker earlier this week who was asking me if I have had to drastically change my eating. My first reaction was no, but I guess when I go back and look at it, I really have. I am finding myself still eating till I’m full, just eating different things. I am now eating a ton of veggies and more low cal options. I still miss the other stuff, believe me, the pizza, hoagies, and cheese steaks that used to be my staples still call out to me. But I am not suffering in any way with my new foods. Maybe that’s why I don’t automatically think I changed too much. I’ve always been a food guy, and I’m still happy and satisfied with what I’m eating. The difference now is that I know exactly how bad those things are (and more importantly) and how hard it will be to work off the calories that they put on. The main difference between this time and all the other times I tried to exercise/ lose weight is that this time I feel like I am much more aware / educated about everything. I can look at different things and make an educated decision about whether or not I want to eat it, whereas before I would try to “find a way around” the system and see if I could squeeze the bad stuff in… call it age, or perspective, or maturity…whatever you want to. But I just don’t have the time to play the games anymore. If I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna DO it. This is not even taking into consideration that if I cook it right, the veggies and healthy food is just as good, taste-wise as the old stuff. Dare I say even better tasting? I do.

Ok, I’ll digress here before I ramble on forever.
I’m off to clean the house and then go to bed. With everybody still recovering from being sick the cleaning duties have slipped a little. I feel good and I’m taking the house back this weekend.

No matter what you are doing this weekend, I hope you have a good one. Catch you on Monday.


2 responses to “Feeling Good / Solid Run / A Look @ Food

  1. Well said Andy. I really enjoyed reading this one. Food is one of my hardest challenges still. Glad you are feeling good. I think you are ready for the 5K on the 11th. Are you running it alone? Once you get there and see all the people and the excitement that they bring, you will be pumped and surely will rock it!

  2. Hey Nicole, Thanks for the kind words. I have a feeling that food is always going to be the thing that gives me a hard time. I know I haven’t been doing this for long enough to speak with any real authority yet, but I’m looking at it as one of those things where I will always have to be completely focused on, because I’m afraid if I’m not the wheels will completely fall off. As for the run, I actually have a few friends and family running with me. Really looking forward to it. I have no question in my mind I can finish it, I would just REALLY like to run the whole thing. Trying to stay realistic though, if I can’t run this whole race, I have one next month that I will be able to…

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