Another Milestone / Special Guest / New Pants!

Weight: 288.8/ # of days till 5K: 24 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 283

Weight is good. Weight is great, actually. I usually hate the mid-week weigh ins, they always screw with my head. I honestly keep doing it out of a sense of routine, since I weigh myself every time I run. I always go in expecting more than I get, and end up wishing it were a bigger number. That is usually, today is different. I am at officially 40 pounds lost. booyaa. It’s funny how the numbers line up. My first weigh in was exactly 2 months ago, and today I am exactly 40 pounds down. 20 pounds a month…not too shabby. I may have to re-evaluate my routine after I complete the 5K, since my schedule will change drastically at that time I’ll have to set up a new schedule to weigh in. (and post to the blog, come to think of it). I’m too much of a control freak to just do it once a week, but I think if I can settle into a 2x or 3x (2x weigh, 3x post probably) a week schedule I can handle that and not lose my mind in the process.
My run this evening was a special one to me, because I was running with a special guest. I got a chance to hit the gym with my sister. It was a lot of fun, and let me tell you, she rocked it. In the time it took me to cover my regular 3.1, she hit 4.2 (and did it looking good, much UNLIKE me). As usual, I got through the run and finished out the 3.1 miles. It’s cool to see the extra amount that I have to tack on to make up the 5k be less and less every time, since I am running more during the scheduled runs I’m covering more ground. I bumped up from 7 min running to 8 min today, not a huge increase but definitely enough to let me know it was there. On a positive note: I am trying to take a new look at my runs. I’m tired of sitting here saying “well that sucked” every time. The run was really challenging, but after it was all said and done, I finished it and didn’t die. I keep pushing my body to do things that I thought were literally impossible up until today, so I that regards, I loved it. It was very hard to push it that far, but I did it and I love that I did. I’ve come to the realization that I am always going to have doubts about doing every new workout until I’m through it, because quite frankly every time I’m working out I’m doing more than I ever have before. It’s part of the package deal of starting to lose weight/ get fit literally from scratch. So no more whiney boo hoo-ing from me, at least not if I can help it.

I am finally seeing tangible results to my weight loss and increased fitness. I honestly feel like I don’t see a huge difference in the way I look, but I see me every day, so I guess it’s just harder for me to recognize. I feel like I see myself every day, I still have a belly, and it seems like I must be losing size all over at the same rate, because I don’t see any huge difference in any one part of my body . That being said, my old pants are falling off my ass, and I’ve had to make new holes in a few of my belts, so it’s time to go get some that don’t bunch up and make me look like I’m wearing a diaper to work everyday. I guess I didn’t really notice the difference, looks-wise until I came across an old picture of me and my little sister. Now this was a really accurate representation of how I looked, up to and through this past Halloween (2011). When compared to this pic taken today, I can finally see some difference. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

Lastly, I’ve been busy “filling in the holes” in my race schedule. Now I am happy to report that I have one race per month, starting in Feb, running straight through to the Tough Mudder in Oct. Most of them were in place, and the extras fit nicely into the training plan schedules so I’m looking forward to getting it all set and going. I’ll post the remaining races into the links asap.
Ok, off to bed. Talk to you on Fri.

One response to “Another Milestone / Special Guest / New Pants!

  1. You’re counting calories, but what generally do you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack? Thanks for your input 🙂

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