Closing in on 40 / Tough But Good Run / Good Lesson For Me

Weight: 290.0/ # of days till 5K: 26 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 285

The weight is going well. 38.8 pounds down. (I’ve got 40 pounds down in my sights) Actually, “well” is an understatement considering I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen on the scale today. I ate pretty good last week, but didn’t work out and I was sick, so I figured my body would have been all out of whack. So all good. And I am at 301 on the fat scale at work. One more week and I should hit goal #2, breaking 300 on the fat scale. I’m coming for you, fat scale.

As for the run, well, it went as well as a run after a week off can go. I got winded quickly, but I’m confident that the same thing that has happened before will happen again, it will suck, feel like cruel and unusual punishment, and eventually get better. And so it goes, over and over. I knew I was in trouble when the 5 min run kicked me in the ass, and this was before I had to turn around and run for 7 and then 5 again. Damn that was challenging, but it’s all good. The way I am looking at it is yes it’s tough, but I’m sitting here and I’m fine now, so as long as I can hold on and push through I’ll be fine. (No matter how convinced I am that my legs are going to give out or I’m just not going to make it, it IS doable and once I’m done, I’ll be back to normal) I saw a motivational quote that says “It never gets easier, you just get better” . Hell yeah that’s the truth. And I’m the one getting better. Feels pretty damn good.

First time back to the gym in a week. It’s a mixed bag on that one. It felt great to be back, but holy shit did that suck. As for my absence, it was a week-long, unwanted, unwelcome break in terms of not wanting to lose momentum or slow down my progress, but that’s life. It’s a good lesson for me, I guess. The simple fact is that no matter how well I lay out a plan or how elaborate and detailed I get with my workout schedule, there is always going to be some unexpected thing (like an 8 month old with pneumonia) that throws a wrench in it. And rightfully so, taking care of Tessa instantly became the most important thing on my plate last week, followed immediately by taking care of Jenn, who was also sick as a dog. Honestly, I would have been fine with it had I gained 5 pounds this week, because making sure my girls are ok is WAY more important than a handful of runs and losing a few pounds. I know the runs and pounds are waiting for me when I can get back to it, and besides, when baby and mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

On the workout plan getting sidetracked, honestly I am used to things getting derailed. Within my group of friends, I’m one of the “planners”, there are a few of us who are always trying to come up with the next thing to do. I am used to creating these elaborate plans and having them fall apart before they even get off the ground. This is largely my own fault, because I am the type of person who comes up with an idea, and instead of stopping at “here’s an idea, let’s see if anybody might be interested”, I immediately launch into all the logistics and start planning things out in my head, oftentimes before I even run it by anyone at all. Hell, if I say that one-third of the stuff I come up with actually happens, It’d be an exaggeration. But it’s all good. I love doing it. I do have to admit, this is the first time I have cranked up my planning juices towards something that is just benefiting/ centered around “only me” in a long time. It’s kind of a good feeling.

Off to relax a little with Jenn. With Tess being sick we’ve been running ourselves ragged, so it’s great now that we are both feeling a little better and can take back some semblance of our normal lives again. Take a little time to hang with my honey and then off to bed. Goodnight all. It’s good to be back.


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