The Deed Is Done

Ok, the deed is done. Registered for the first race. It’s my little way of keeping the focus on. I skipped Wednesday’s run because Tess was sick as hell, and let me tell you, it’s gone downhill from there. Flash forward from Tess being sick with RSV/ bronchitis on Wed. Today the reality is that we were back at the doctors again last night, and what was bronchitis is now a double ear infection and pneumonia. So needless to say, my little girl is pretty down and out at the moment. Nothing hospital-worthy, but it just breaks your heart to see her sick like that. So yeah, I’ve kind of had a shitball week.

My last few nights have been spent split between the bed and the rocking chair in Tessa’s room. Sleep? Ha. Who needs sleep? Not this guy, apparently. On top of that, both Jenn and I are now sick as well. So my weekend is looking like it’s going to be a big ball of shit as well, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We all have medicine and the process of getting better has commenced.

Needless to say, with everyone in my house sick, the running has gone away. Skipped wed, skipping tonight. This weekend does not look promising, either. Maybe once I get some medicine in me things will change and I can get out for a while to run, but we’ll just have to see how it all goes. How I feel, how Tess and Jenn feel, etc. A lot of variables are in play here.

With the running going away, I feel like the food has slipped as well. I see the writing on the wall and I’m pretty sure the weight is going to come back a little. All good. Between the stress, sickness and sleep deprivation, I’m fairly certain my weight is going to suffer, but so be it. That’s why I wanted to register today, to serve as reminder that I am in this and staying in this. Basically want to keep my ass in check. So reality check is in place. I’m allowing time to feel sorry for myself this weekend, and then back into it balls out.

Back to the positivity. Race #1 is registered for and I’m plowing ahead. You can sign up too if you want to get out there, just click HERE.

Here’s hoping you all are having a better week than me. I sure as hell hope so, since I really didn’t set the bar too high. I’ll write again on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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