Crisis Averted / Back Rolling Again / New Year’s Resolution Crowd Thoughts

Workout #20 (C25K Week 4, Run 1)

Weight: 298.8/ # of days till 5K: 38 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 297

Crisis Averted. Well hot damn! I was convinced. Seriously. Convinced that I was going to get on that scale and not only be back in the 300’s, but up around 310 again. Just had a bad feeling about it. Expected it, prepared myself for it, and the number turns out to be exactly the same as last weigh in. I am more than pleasantly surprised. Even though when I weighed in at work (there is a biggest loser type contest going on at work, which I fully intend on winning), my weight was 315. that is a 16 pound weight difference. I’m guessing different scales, all my work clothes, the fact that the scale is on carpeting, a whole bunch of things add up to a much higher number there (but I still was appalled at the difference) Whatever, I’ll just keep going like I have and as I lose on one scale, I will on the other as well. New goal? be under 300 on the “heavy scale”.

As for the run, that extra time to rest really paid off. As I was running I still felt a few twinges of pain in my leg, but nothing remotely close to what it was. I actually felt good once I was finished. That’s not to say that this run didn’t kick me squarely in the ass. This week I am running 3 min, walking 2, running 4 min, walking 2, and running 5 min, walking 3. That’s it. No repeating the cycle, just run/walk in increasing durations, plus a warm up and cool down walk, of course. I warmed up for 10 min at my walking pace, then got into the run. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I felt good through the 3 min run, breathing a little hard, but held control of it. Felt awesome, really. Not the same can be said for the 4 and 5 minute running portions, however. I know I keep saying “I feel like I was going to die”, but honestly, I keep re-defining what “going to die” means. It currently means that I was planning my route to the nearest trash can because I was pretty sure I was about to throw up. But again, I extended the cool down into a full-blown walk, and decided that I am going to try to cover at leat 3.1 miles each time out now. So I completed the run/walk workout and then just kept on walking till I hit 5K. I made it through, and as usual, it wasn’t pretty. But I am keeping the faith that every “run 1” has totally sucked, “run 2” sucked a little less, and then “run 3” has provided some glimmer of hope before it gets ripped away from me and resets back at “run 1” again. I know this week will be the same, just have to get through it and keep on moving. At any rate, it feels good to be back on the schedule and settling into my normal routine. Back rolling again is alright with me.

Other thought: Holy crap, the gym was MOBBED. I have friends on the facebook who all complain every year about this time because of all the new year’s resolution people who join the gym, take up all the machines, and then disappear a few weeks later. I honestly thought they were being overly dramatic, but I can see why they say something now: the difference is staggering. there were 3 treadmills open when I started. there is usually somewhere in then neighborhood of 15+ open when I go. On the other hand, I don’t have the same deep seeded hatred of all the new year’s resolution people. (with few exceptions, more on that in a sec) After all, up until 2 months ago I was one of those people who had a gym membership and only went 3 times a year. But you know what, if I can do it, then some of them can too. If they suck it up and actually stick to it, then why can’t they also lose a bunch of weight, complete whatever fitness goals they have, etc… A lot of them probably will fizzle out, but the ones that keep on keepin’ on, more power to you. The only ones I DO have a problem with are the same d-bags that I would have had a problem with whether it was new year’s or any other time of year. The type that is obviously there to hang/socialize and does not respect what the gym is for or anybody around them…and there are always some. Much less at my gym, fortunately (at least when I go), but still there nonetheless. Now I know it’s wrong, but I take great pleasure in saying that I am officially no longer the only person to fall on a treadmill at my gym. I am not sure if I was the first, but now that I saw someone else bite it with my own eyes, I do feel much better. And it was one of these show-off d-bags that went down, even better. Normally I would feel bad about someone falling, but this guy deserved it. He was 2 treadmills down from me, and walking for about 10-15 min. Then a group of 3 hot girls got on the treadmills in the row ahead of us. All of a sudden, he turns into Smokin’ Joe Frasier/Rocky Balboa / Billy Blanks. Cranks up the speed, and while running full speed, with his body pushed all the way up against the front bar of the treadmill, proceeds to start punching the air. Punching. The. Air. D-Bag. So of course, since he is now running full-out AND pretending to fight Mohammad Ali at the same time, he loses his balance and falls. Down goes Frazier. I did stop to help him up because, after all, someone stopped and helped me, but hell yeah, I’m not the only one…

Overall it was a good night. The run kicked me in the ass but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Ok, hang with Jenn, shower bed. (New year, same routine) Talk to you again Friday.



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