Lesson Learned / Stupid Stupid Stupid

Well doesn’t this just suck? Not sure how I rationalized it, but I decided to just let go and eat/ drink last night with reckless abandon. It’s amazing how fast old habits can fly back when you’re not paying attention. Literally, I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have some food, a beer, or both in my hand. Oh boy, I paid the price though. I woke up this morning sick to my stomach, and sure enough, it got the better of me and I got sick. I’m sure that after close to two months of watching what I eat and eating almost exclusively healthy foods in reasonable portions, the shock to the system was just too much. My body has now gotten rid of most of the stuff from last night that was making me sick, but I still feel like complete balls. What a way to learn a lesson. But I figure if I’m going to talk about my successes, it’s only right that I talk about my failures too, and last night/ today qualifies as a failure. I can’t go back and un-eat my face off, so all there is to do is accept it and learn from it. On that note; I can promise that this is the last time this will happen, it’s ridiculous that I am incapable of policing myself. Not policing myself, I guess the more applicable statement is its ridiculous how if I’m not consciously monitoring what I’m eating how fast I can spiral down into my old self who always has a piece of food in my hand. The bitch of it is that I know for a fact I would have had just as good a time if I didn’t stuff myself like a pig. So now I need to sit here, take my lumps and lie in the bed that I’ve made for myself. Literally, I’m in bed. It feels like I have a stomach virus, but I SERIOUSLY doubt it. if  I do it is the ultimate case of (pardon the pun here) shitty timing. I feel like I was in a fight and I lost. It’s as if my body finally said “Ok Andy, if you’re not going to stop this, I’ll stop it for you”. Message received body, message received loud and clear.


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