Out of the 300’s & 30 Pounds Down / Really Good Day / Keeping A Level Head

Workout #19 (C25K Week 3, Run 3)

Weight: 298.8/ # of days till 5K: 43 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 302

Words cannot express how proud I am right now. I honestly had myself convinced that it was not going to happen today, but to my absolute amazement, boom. There it is. TWO HUNDRED and ninety eight pounds.

 Today was a really, really good day. I met my first weight loss goal, hit another milestone, and covered (albeit in run/walk fashion) my first 5K , all in one day. I have officially broken out of the 300’s. I can’t even tell you the last time that my weight had a “2” in front of it. It’s been years; at least 8, probably more. Today’s weigh in also marks 30 pounds down. Like I said. Pretty damn good day.

The run was encouraging. Warmed up for 10 min, got into it, feeling better about my breathing (which still sounds terrible by the way, but feels much better while I’m moving) and pushing myself to go farther each time. I completed the scheduled run/walk regiment, added an additional 2 min run, and then started walking to cool down. At some point during the 10 min cooldown walk I decided that I could keep up that pace and go further than I have to date, so that became my new goal, and then I decided since I was going for some extra distance, I may as well make that distance the length of my first race. So all of a sudden it became 3.1 miles (5K) or bust. I made it. I was flirting with an hour on the treadmill to get there since I walked the lion’s share of it, but I got there. Just completing that was enough to make me feel pretty freakin good about today (and this was before I got home and got on the scale). I did have to push through some pain tonight,truth be told my leg has been hurting me for about a week now (at varying levels of discomfort), and before anything happens I’m going to listen to it and rest it up. So I will be skipping Monday’s run. Not sure if I will do it Tuesday or just make Wednesday my Week 4, Run1. I left myself a week long buffer after the C25K program is supposed to end before the race day just in case I need to take a rest day somewhere, so I’m taking it now.

This success is so very encouraging, it makes me realize I can really do it. That being said, I need to keep a level head. I am only 1.2 pounds out of the 300’s, and truth be told, I fully expect to dip back up into the 300’s by the time I weigh in next week. After New Year’s tomorrow (which entails a fancy dinner and then some beverages that night) and the 4 days of no runs, I would not at all be surprised if I had a little setback. I am anticipating and prepared for this. So there will not be any disappointment, hurt feelings, or bruised ego when it happens. I will just need to buckle back down, re-lose the weight and get right back in the saddle, working harder and more dedicated than ever. What better marker to use as a starting point to start ramping up my efforts than the new year?

Ok, same as always, shower and bed. Tess will be up in a few short hours, and I can’t wait to give her a big celebratory hug & kiss in the morning. (She won’t understand why, but I don’t care…this one’s for me)


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