So Damn Close / Feeling Good. Really? / Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Workout #18 (C25K Week 3, Run 2)

Weight: 301.6/ # of days till 5K: 44 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 303

Sorry, I’m late again. I know. I usually post the same night, right after I run, but the night got away from me. Ran, came home , made dinner and cleaned up a bit, and by the time that was all said and done, it was time to hit the shower and go to bed…

The weight. (or should I say the wait?) Dude, I am so close to breaking out of the 300’s, it’s just a matter of keeping up doing what I’ve been doing and it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when at this point. I’m hoping for Friday, but you never know. So I guess I just keep on keepin’ on and hope for the best. Positivity is key here. I don’t want to talk too much about it, don’t want to jinx anything. On a side weight-related note, I just wanted to mention that this whole “counting calories” is not nearly as bad as I anticipated it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I have to make some sucky decisions now to either eat “A” or eat “B” (when before the obvious answer would be to make an “A-B” sandwich and eat the whole damn thing), but by and large the entire process has been pretty smooth. the fact that I have the app that makes it so easy to do also helps tremendously. Just scan the bar code on whatever you are eating or cooking with your phone’s camera and there’s the info. It feels less like a diet and more like I am changing the foods that I eat. (less of a temporary, more of a permanent feel, I guess is the best way to say it)

The run itself was good. It actually felt really good. I got in there, walked for 10 min just get things moving, and then launched into run#2 of this weeks program. Same as Monday, but the difference between the two was staggering. I was working hard on my breathing the entire time on Monday, whereas last night I felt pretty good in respects to that. I actually intended to walk out another 10 min as a cooldown after the programs scheduled runs were finished, but decided to throw an additional 2 min run in before I did it. so I tacked a little more on, completed it, and I feel really good about it now. I’m starting to have a little confidence that I can pull off the longer time runs. Yes, I know it’s 2 and 3 minutes we’re talking about here, but work with me. Another thing, I actually felt good when I left the gym last night. I’ll say that again, just for effect. I actually felt GOOD when I left the gym last night. After running/ walking farther than I ever have before, with my leg hurting, tired, etc… I felt good. I honestly thought that people who say that were completely full of shit. How could you beat up your body and then feel good? I can see how you can feel good ABOUT it (as I have been up until this point), as in “I’m doing something to make myself healthier”, but actually feel good? I’m guessing this might have been my first taste of Runners High. It’s a weird feeling, I know I should have been miserable but it was all good… Just weird.

One last thing, I have had 4 people in the past 2 days mention to me that they had no idea I was over 300 pounds. Well, first off, thanks for reading the blog, because otherwise you wouldn’t have known that. Second of all, I guess because I’m tall (6’3″) it hides it a little, and I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it with my clothes as well, but that was the whole point of putting it all out there like I have with this. (Not in the 300’s for much longer though. Just wanted to throw that out there one more time. Booyaa.) Regardless of if was blatantly obvious or not, the problem was still there. As a matter of fact, if it was out there and in your face, and I looked like a bowling ball or a six-foot tall pear I would have had to address it sooner, rather than just getting by looking like I’m better off than I actually am. But the moral of the story is that I realized that the problem was there (always knew it was there, actually), and this is my way of cleaning up the mess I’ve created. I used to be embarrassed about my weight, now I just throw it around like it’s nothing. Yes I still weigh a lot, but it’s heading in the right direction. Faster than I anticipated, at that. And even more importantly, I feel like I am getting healthier and more fit. Suck on that, steps at work. You don’t make me winded anymore. Still a long way to go, but off to a good start and feeling good.

Ok, I’m writing this on my lunch, so I have enough time left to scarf down my salad and get back to it. I’ll post again tomorrow after my run.


One response to “So Damn Close / Feeling Good. Really? / Appearances Can Be Deceiving

  1. What app is this? “the fact that I have the app that makes it so easy to do also helps tremendously. Just scan the bar code on whatever you are eating or cooking with your phone’s camera and there’s the info.” Thanks!

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