It’s a Christmas Miracle / Hope I’m Ready / Time to Buckle Down

Workout #17 (C25K Week 3, Run 1)

Weight: 305.8/ # of days till 5K: 47 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 306

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Against all odds, the impossible has happened. I did not gain any weight over this weekend. (well, 0.2 pounds. This is as close to nothing as I’m going to get) I definitely indulged, but again, I didn’t go crazy. You know what? the food was just as good, I just didn’t eat so much that I felt like my “inny” belly button was going to turn into an “outie” by the time I was done. It’s a reassuring feeling that I can actually keep this up for the long haul and still live my normal life and still maintain the healthy lifestyle. It also gives me hope that if I am really hardcore this week, and be as much of a badass as I can be on my runs, that I might be able to ring in the new year by getting out of the 300’s. I know it’s a longshot, but with a little over 5 pounds to go, it’s do-able. I just need to be smart and stay focused. Guess who’s walking the parking lot on his lunches this week? This guy.

As for the run itself, got through it, but it was VERY challenging. Week 3 has me running for 2 min, walking for 2 min, running for 3 min, and walking for 2 min (2 times). I was breathing really hard right from start, but stuck it out and made it through. I was not able to continue my little tradition of running out the last walk, because I was pretty sure I was going to die (and/or throw up). Luckily this did not happen. It was tough enough to make me really hope I’m ready for all of this, because I am making it through every weeks workouts, but I’m just wishing I was in a little better shape at this point. I know it’s a process, but I really want to not only do this, but I want to be good at it as well. If I continue like this, I’ll be able to complete the 5K, but do it huffing and puffing like I am now. I’m not looking to win the race, I’m just looking to finish and do it without dragging my ass across the finish line. (I’d like to not come in last, too. That would be good) All there is to do is keep the faith, stick to the program religiously, and keep plugging away.

So with the vast majority of the dreaded holiday season behind me,  the final hurdle left to get past is New Year’s. Jenn, Tess and I are spending it with another couple who are close friends of ours, and I’m guessing new year’s with our baby (and their baby) will be a lot more low-key than in year’s past. This is a good thing. As I am getting ready to move into the new year, I am watching the number of days till that first 5K dwindle down and realizing it’s time to buckle down and keep going strong. Time to amp it up a little more, even. I made it through Christmas no worse for wear, (actually better off, since I’m all geared up now. Got new workout clothes- including a pair of tights for when I run outside-I promise to always wear a pair of shorts over them, nobody ever needs to see that…, the Nike+ chip and sportband watch to go with it- which I already discussed in a previous post, new kicks, and a ton of support from some of my family members) and I just cannot let this momentum go to waste. It’s all good things looking ahead, just need to keep the faith and keep moving.

Ok everybody, wrapping things up for the night. Back to work, back to reality tomorrow.


One response to “It’s a Christmas Miracle / Hope I’m Ready / Time to Buckle Down

  1. Keep it up. I need to register for the Cupids Run. Stay strong and listen to your body. Doing a good job and it shows.

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