20 Pounds Down / Don’t Believe the Hype / A Look Back @ Month #1

Workout #15 (C25K Week 2, Run 1)

Weight: 308.6/ # of days till 5K: 54 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 313

20 Pounds down. Booyaa. Twenty is a good number, and with it, along comes confidence that I will be out of the 300’s (and meeting my first weight loss goal) sooner than later. Now that is some exciting stuff. So apparently this counting calories stuff can actually work if you do it correctly. I’m noticing that I am becoming much more selective with what I eat, because if I’m going to eat something “bad” and use up a lot of my calories for the day, it damn well better be worth it. I’m finding in most cases, it’s not… It just makes you take a look at what you are eating, and I’ve found a few things that I used to eat all the time thinking they weren’t too bad that have turned out to be really high in calories. It’s just interesting to see what really can pack on the pounds and what really does not.

As for the run, it turned out to be much harder in my mind than in actuality. It was very challenging, but do-able. Week 2 of C25K has you running for 1:30, walking for 1:30, running for 1:30, and walking for 2:00 (repeated 3 times). I effectively doubled the running time from last week, so I was ready to crap my pants when I was starting out, but it’s a slow progression, and I was ready. What killed me is that I decided to try to run as far into the final 2 min walk as I could. I ended up running the whole thing out. I originally intended to run 30 seconds, then figured I’d push it to a minute. When I hit a minute, the computer voice lady came on saying “one minute left” for the workout (she may as well said, you really want to walk now, you big sissy?), so I ran it out. I walked out the final 5 min cooldown, and then tacked on another 5 min of walking to get myself back to normal. It was ugly, I soaked through a t-shirt, sweatband, and anything else that would have in contact with me, but again, afterwards I felt good. (on a side note, my gym has a ban on bandanas -which I would want to wear as a headband- not sure of the motivation there. Are they afraid a gang fight is going to break out in cow country suburban Pennsylvania?)

It has been one month since I’ve started this, and looking back it’s been very interesting. From where I sit now, 20 pounds lighter and feeling a lot healthier than I was before, it’s been good (great actually), but not without some huge adjustments. I have had to adapt to scheduling in a run every other day basically for the entire first month, time to post to this blog, and time to adjust to the pain/shock that I went through in the beginning, all while not missing a beat at work or at home with Jenn and Tess. It has been an adjustment and a challenge, but also very gratifying. As far as the challenging part goes: It’s been a month that has seen me fall off a treadmill, puke in a creek bed, and have my leg just give out beneath me. I still believe that it was my body’s way of fighting back against me; after all, it was the first time I was working it out like that in as long as I can remember. I’m happy to say that I believe the active rebellion of my body is in the past. (or at least for the moment it is) I feel like now that I am coming out the other end of that tunnel and starting to get acclimated to the running workouts; any pain that comes now is a result of my body getting stronger/more fit. (as opposed to just being in shock from being worked in a completely foreign way) I have to believe that those experiences in that span of time would be enough to make quite a few people scrap the whole plan and take comfort in a cheesesteak, fries, and a beer. I’m looking at the perseverance to date as a win (motivation) right now, and a good start towards better things. Now that December is coming to a close, the Cupid’s Chase 5K coming up is becoming a reality. I know it’s in Feb, but I feel like the last month has just flown by, and I‘m sure the next month will as well.

Also, I’m adding another race to the mix: The Coventry Challenge 5K. This one is in March with some friends from work. Two of my good work friends are trying to organize a big group outing to go, and since I feel at least partially responsible for putting this idea into their heads, I have to join, right? Besides, this one will be a lot of fun; it’s on St. Patty’s day. I can foresee a couple green beers coming out after that race is done.

Ok, enough for one night. TV. Shower. Bed.


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