Still Losing/ Getting Stronger/ Keeping Sight of “Me”

Workout #14 (C25K Week 1, Run 3)

Weight: 310.4/ # of days till 5K: 57 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 316

Closing in on 20 pounds down. It’s a good feeling. I know the rapid weight loss can’t keep up too much longer, but I’m happy with it and I’ll take it as long as I can get it. Weekend one of our December long holiday party extravaganza down, and heading into number two. I managed to get through with minimal damage so far, looking to keep it up.

Running was good! I inched up my speeds again, and got through ok. Covered in sweat and breathing hard, but still ok. It’s funny, as the week went on, I could feel myself getting stronger at the run. Maybe it’s that I am still feeling out how far I can comfortably push myself and maybe it’s more of a mental thing. Honestly, I don’t care, it feels frickin fantastic. Seriously, this is the first time in a long time that I feel like I’m doing something to make myself healthier. I don’t want to pat myself on the back too hard now, I’m only done week one, but it’s still encouraging. Week 2 starts on Monday, and with it, a more aggressive run/walk combo. Scared about it right now but I’m keeping the faith that I’ll be sitting here a week from now saying the same thing I just did about week 1, how it kicked my ass but I persevered and got through unscathed. We’ll see…

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where this is all going to go. I don’t want to put the cart before the horse here, but as long as I stay on track, this story ends with me being fit and healthy. I know this takes an entire lifestyle change, and I am very dedicated to it, but I don’t want to lose sight of “me”, either. I was talking to a someone who mentioned that they had a close friend who went through a similar undertaking as I am going through now, and when it was all said and done, this person was so obsessed with losing weight they lost sight of all things that made them who they were when they were heavy, and in turn, the things they had in common with their friends. As dedicated to getting back in shape as I am, I am also dedicated to making sure that does not happen. I’m still Andy, I’m still Big Andy, for that matter (and it will be back to being Big Andy for a good reason again soon.*That one’s for you Jennifer*: My sister HATES it when I even bring up the name “big andy” when it’s in reference to me being heavy). I really don’t think my personality made me heavy, it has been one of the few things, (in my opinion) that has stayed consistent. I was always just being me, and that really didn’t change from when I was younger and thinner, through my bigger years, and I’m going to make damn sure it does not change as I shed off all this excess baggage. The fact that I have Jenn and Tess at home with me everyday keeps me both grounded and driven at the same time. Believe me, (for those of you who don’t know her), she won’t let me get all preachy or high and mighty or super obsessed; she’ll snap my ass right back into reality before I’m even off the tracks.

Ok, same as always, off to unwind with a little TV with Jenn, and off to bed. Apparently, my baby daughter does not care whether it is a weekend or not, she gets up at the same time anyway. I always look forward to Saturday mornings with all of us together though. Gets me through my weeks.

Have a great weekend.


One response to “Still Losing/ Getting Stronger/ Keeping Sight of “Me”

  1. Good job Andy. that feeling of “feeling fantastic” does not go away and gets better and better. Good job to date on the progress, weight loss and challenges at xmas parties. It is easy to become obsessed with letting running rule your activites but you will see why as you progress. Just need to make it part of your life style. I did 6 today and still wish it was easier but then it would not be as much fun?!?!?! Keep it up and make sure you listen to your body and if you have not, get a physical and check out with a cardio dx. Congrats.

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