A Decent Start x2

Workout #12 (C25K Week 1, Run 1)

Weight: 313.8/ # of days till 5K: 61 days / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 320

Nice little milestone tonight. I am officially down 15 pounds. Now that’s a decent start. Now all I have to do is lose that same 15 pounds 6 or so more times. Although it is making me feel like all the effort is worth it. You should have seen me at Jenn’s family Christmas party this past weekend. I looked like a lost mental patient. I was walking towards the dessert table (and it is one Bangin’ dessert table, let me tell you), stopped, walked back towards my table, stopped again, took a few steps back towards the sugary goodness again, and stopping one last time, turned to head back to my table empty-handed. My reward for the sacrifice: hitting 15 pounds down on the scale today. Booyaa. I am wondering out loud here if I can be out of the 300’s for good within a month, or at least by my 35th birthday on Feb. 4th. We’ll see, but I’m confident that I can make it happen. 14 pounds to get into the 200’s. That will be my first real weight goal.

For my first Couch to 5K run, I went to the gym, and it went well. Again, a decent start. I’ve tried to start this running program multiple times in the past, and I can honestly say that this is the first time that I have ever been in any semblance of shape to try to do it correctly. I can say that because even though I was breathing hard and really working by the end of it, I completed it, and in keeping with my little tradition that I started last week, I skipped the last “walk” session and ran it out to the end. (bear in mind, week 1, run 1 consists of running for 45 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds, repeated 10 times with a 5 min walk before and after to warmup and cooldown). Don’t laugh, that last one really kicked my ass. But I did it, it may have sucked at the time but now I have one under my belt and I am looking at Wed night to knock out run #2. I am very excited to be doing this, and hopeful that I will be able to carry this momentum that I’ve built up into the rest of this week and next.

One last note, the loss may be only 15 pounds on the scale to date, but I am beginning to see some great things happening to my body. Probably nothing that would be noticeable to anyone but me yet, but super encouraging nonetheless. For example: If you see me at any point during the early part of this week, you may notice that I am not wearing my wedding band, (which is really weird for me, since I NEVER take it off) since it now literally slides right off my finger. I know it’s winter and we tend to “shrink up” a little bit in the cold, but not like that… which is awesome. I’ll go get a ring guard on Thurs or Fri to keep it on my hand until I’m done with all this and then have it resized to fit me correctly again. Wow…It feels good to even type that out.

Ok, it’s late and it’s only Monday. Off to bed. Talk to you on Wed.


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