Forced Myself to Go/ Gaining Confidence/ It’s Go Time

Workout #11 (Week 3, Run 3)

Weight: 316.6 / # of days till 5K: 63 / # of day till the Tough Mudder: 322

As for the weight, I honestly was very afraid because my work holiday party was yesterday. A few points on that: 1) Maybe it’s a mental thing, but I swear to god I felt like all the butlered hor d’oeuvre jockeys would spot me (as a bigger guy, I would presume) and make a beeline for me. When I would turn them down (which I did every single time, i might add; and I felt a little twinge every time I said no because I WANTED to say yes), they almost had a look of surprise on their face. Again, maybe it’s a mental thing, but if not, suck it judgemental appetizer servers. 2) I did eat one piece of cheese off the buffet, but considering what I was passing on, I’ll call that a win. Don’t go thinking I was an angel, because this did not, however, prevent me from partaking in the open bar that was provided. What I missed on the apps was more than made up for by the Gin & Tonics. 3) The real reason I was afraid (besides the G&T’s, of course) was the actual meal. Served buffet style, I ended up with plate of roasted vegetables, half an egg roll, and what probably amounted to half a pound of beef from the carving station. That dude hooked me up. I also had a big scoop of rice and a roll on my plate, but I stayed strong and didn’t touch them. Oh, and one more thing to mention. They had a mashed potato bar. Mashed. Potato. Bar. So basically after you fill your plate full of food from the buffet line, the last stop before heading back to your table was a table full of martini glasses that you filled full of mashed potatoes and every topping you could think of.  Mashed potatoes are one of my admitted weaknesses, so instinct took over and I filled one of those bad boys up to the top, smothered it with sautéed mushrooms and carmelized onions, and hit it with some green onions to garnish. My conscience got to me after I got to the table and I only ate the veg and a little bit of the potatoes, and man was that good.

So I weighed in, thinking I was going to be back up to the size of a mack truck again because even though I didn’t lose total control, I still ate much worse than I should have. The reason I know this is because I entered everything into my iPhone app, and after the meal I had 30 calories left for the entire day. So I weigh in and to my sheer freakin amazement, I’m down another 2 pounds. Jenn hears me in the other room saying “You’ve got to be shitting me”, so she comes in, and I weighed myself 2 more times in front of her to make sure someone else saw it. I am super excited, but I have to admit that my first thought was that I didn’t eat so much garbage earlier that number would have been even better.

So I ran last night. I am so happy I did, because I honestly thought that there was no way on earth that I would be doing it. Especially in the afternoon when I was 3 drinks deep. But I picked up Tess from Jenn’s mom’s house, we came home, played and got her down, and then I got myself dressed and headed out to the gym. I did not want to go. Even as I was getting dressed and driving there, I was thinking to myself “This is crap, I want to go to bed”. Tess got down late so I was off to a later start than usual, I didn’t even leave for the gym until about 9:30. Once I got moving though, I felt great. I set my “run” speed for a 12 min mile. Yes, it’s slow, but it’s not THAT slow, and it’s where I am right now. Maybe I’ll be able to pick it up in the future, but as for right now, I’m sticking with it. I  strapped up my distance cheat sheet to the treadmill and just got to it. It really does amaze me how my body is reacting. I am able to go further and further, and feel less and less like I’m going to die or catch on fire while I’m doing it. I know that is the whole point of the running plan but it is still a great feeling. I made it through the first 3 laps running 3/4 of each and walking out the last 1/4, and then, just to prove to myself I could do it, I ran out the last quarter-mile without stopping to walk. I’m pretty sure the last time I was able to do that was in high school.

Well, now it’s go time. These past few weeks were always meant to serve as a warmup or prep course so I could start working out “for real”, and that’s what about to happen. Couch to 5K starts monday. I think I’ll go walk a mile at some point this weekend, and then hit it on Monday.

I’m also starting to have a few people reach out to me and let me know that they are serious about joining me in one or more races. That is awesome and I can’t wait. As I register for each race I’ll let everybody know and put up info about how to join me if you want to.

Have a great weekend. I have 2 Xmas parties in 2 days, so here’s hoping I stay strong and come out the other side without all the weight I have just started to lose…


One response to “Forced Myself to Go/ Gaining Confidence/ It’s Go Time

  1. Andy! I am so excited for you! Keep up the good work! Here’s a quick tip for those holiday parties that I learned in my recent quest to eat healthier and drop some lbs…. gin and club soda with a lime squeezed into it is actually REALLY good! And I have found that it tastes even better now that I consume less sugar than I used to.

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