Some Pics: Dec 9, 2011

Well here you go. I’ve decided to post some pics every other week or every month to keep a record of my progress. Here is installment #1. Call them the “before” pictures if you want, but I took them in the locker room just after my last workout, hence the sweaty nastiness. More to come, but here’s what I’m working with right now… (That blue piece of paper stuck to my phone is my cheat sheet, with the numbers I needed to run and walk to so I didnt screw it up. I just stuck it right to the treadmill next to the distance display)

Dec 9, 2011. 318 Pounds.





2 responses to “Some Pics: Dec 9, 2011

  1. Roseann Lynn Brenner

    You are my inspiration
    Luv u

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