Back to the Gym/ High and Low points

Workout #10 (Week 3, Run 2)

Weight: 318.4 / # of days till 5K: 66 / # of day till the Tough Mudder: 325

Weight looks good. Lost less than a pound (less than a half a pound, actually), but all good. I weigh myself every time I work out as part of a routine, but I am really only going to look at week over week numbers. Otherwise, I’ll go freaking nuts. On a side note, the usage of the My Fitness Pal app is going well. But again, it’s new to me and it’s technology based, so my dorky ass will be all over that for a while. My hope is that once I get most of my regular staple foods loaded into the app it will be really easy to use in the future. It’s a little slow now, but getting faster each day as I add more stuff.

Since it was torrential downpouring outside, I decided to head to the gym. Mind you, this was my first return to the gym since my very first workout, and also since my unfortunate “falling on the treadmill” incident. There are high and low points to the gym. It’s a very controlled environment, and with the treadmill I can track and control my speed, incline, heart rate, etc all with the touch of a button. These are all good things. Not to mention that running on the treadmill feels like it is easier than running on the pavement. I feel like I will be able to recover a little faster after tonight. It’s got some drawbacks too. First and foremost, I feel like I could have (should have) pushed myself harder than I did. I made it through, I was still sweating like a pig and breathing hard, but it felt like it was substantially less than when I do it outside. Maybe I need to slowly ramp up my running and walking speeds, but I’m not sure of what’s reasonable yet and what is just foolish. If nothing else it was a lighter night to help heal up my aching legs. I feel like an old man sometimes. Also, since I am running but staying in the same place like a frickin gerbil, the only way to track how far I’ve gone/ have to go is by the digital distance readout on the display. Which reads in decimals. While running 3/4 of each lap is simple when you are running on the street or a track, it becomes a damn algebra problem in the gym. I want to run, not do math. I also find it’s also a lot more motivating to run when I’m running TOWARDS something, not just waiting for a number to change. For example,  I know I have to run to the no parking sign in order to hit 3/4 of a lap on my circle. When I come around the bend and see that sign, I get a little burst of energy, because I see the goal and it’s in reach, in the gym, I’m just waiting it out until that damn number flips. Now I don’t know if it’s a mental thing, but I keep feeling like I’m going to lose my balance and fall on the treadmill again. Any of my friends will tell you I’m not the most graceful person out there, but I can walk and run without falling. Why do I always feel like I’m about to bite it when I start running on the moving belt? Don’t get that one… One last thought on the highs and lows of the gym: the people. So far, running has been a very personal thing for me. There is a lot of emotional significance to it, and I have by and large gone about my running all alone. It’s a good time to get sucked into my music (more on that later), focus and think. I’m also a sweaty, wheezing mess by the end, which does not lend itself very well to keeping company with others. Running outside also gives me a chance to go through this by myself, keep that part of it for me, and push through any barriers because it’s important to me, not because I want to look good in front of the really hot chick 3 treadmills down (which the guy next to me was doing. Man, was he beating on that treadmill like it owed him money. He had it cranked up so high he had to hold on just to keep from getting thrown off, which he almost did when he let go to hit the stop button). On the other side of the coin, running alone at night, I don’t see much except for houses and street, where at the gym, there IS a really hot chick 3 treadmills down. Nothing wrong with a little eye candy.

One last random observation: I am noticing that my taste in music is shifting lately. I’ve always thought of myself as a “music guy” and prided myself on the very wide array of musical tastes, but lately (before I started running) I was leaning pretty heavily towards the singer songwriter/ more laid back kind of music. I love Amos Lee, Ben Folds, G. Love, and Elvis Costello as much as I can, but those guys are not exactly “running music”  for me. Ever since I sat down to put together a big mix of “get up and go” music, I feel like I have regressed about 10 years. Very heavy on the punk rock, ska and old school rap; but I tell you what, that stuff gets your ass in gear. (At least it does if you’re me) It’s a balanced mix of old stuff and new stuff, once I get it all broken out into 30-40 min workout playlists maybe I’ll post them up.

Just one more quick thanks to everybody for all the support, I still really can’t believe it. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to know I have so many people pulling for me and watching what I’m doing, but it also make me feel responsible to make sure I stick to it and keep on top of everything. (Although that was the entire point of the blog, now wasn’t it?) and a really special thank you to my amazing wife Jenn, the only reason I can do this is because she puts up with all my crap and supports me so much. Thank God she is fine with me disappearing for an hour plus to go out and run, then eat dinner late with me and let me disappear again so I can type this all out 3-4 times a week. I can honestly say that one of my favorite things is when she’ll lay there in bed next to me and will refuse to go to sleep until she reads my latest post, finish, think about it, and then turn to me and just make a little comment about everything, usually about how proud of me she is. You want to talk about awesome? Dude, that is it. Thanks so much, I love you babe.

Ok, it’s been late nights every day this week and my ass is dragging. Off to bed. Talk to you again on Friday.


3 responses to “Back to the Gym/ High and Low points

  1. Dude, with all the “typing” you do in your blogs, the pounds will begin to melt off. Watch as the running “addiction” grows, you will enjoy it even more. Keep it going and let me know if you have any questions.

  2. this is great – keep up the work – set long term goals 5 10 20 years. short term goals are good too. Compete in all your races don’t just run them year after year. keep it going – if you ever want to mix up your workout come swim with my old peoples team, it will be a guaranteed great workout.

  3. Yay Aubins! And I say both of you because so much of taking something like this on is having a supportive spouse – which you do with your kick-ass wife, Andy. Great momentum with the running – I think Kev and I will do that 5k with you in February.

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