A Good Start / Walking My Ass Off? / Putting It All Out There

Workout #8 (Week 3, Run 1- repeated)

Weight: 319.0 / # of days till 5K: 70 / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 329

I’ve now officially been doing this program for two weeks now, And I have lost 10 pounds. It’s a hell of a start (and I don’t expect biggest loser type numbers here) I’m trying to be smart about this and keep the expectation of 1-2 pounds a week (what I feel is a reasonable figure) I’m anticipating the my first few weeks are going to be larger just based on what kind of piss poor shape I’m in and the fact that my body will be working overtime just to get myself moving to a regular pace where I can begin to start working out for real.

Even more importantly, when I went to put on my pants the other day for work I noticed that I had to go to the next hole on my belt. Hell. Yes. It’s very encouraging, makes me feel good and makes me feel like even though I’m running such short distances like a quarter mile and a half a mile and feel like I’m dying; it’s actually doing something positive to my body, like I’m actually doing this for some reason and not just for cruel and unusual punishment

So my legs were still hurting pretty bad but I was still determined to go out tonight and I decided to go and just walk my 1 mile. I figured why the hell not let’s bring the dog with me and man, was he confused. It was quite a departure from his regular one lap and done. But if I’m going to be doing this, I’ll drag his chubby ass with me. We made it around and did the first lap at our leisurely pace just to warm up, and then we picked it up to a brisk walk for the next three.He kept up and we made it through. It’s a little bit disturbing to me that my mile average time isn’t all that much different from when I’m walking the entire thing and when I’m walking/running. Oh well all things in time I guess. So made it and now I’m sitting here after the fact and damn, my legs and knees but still really hurt me. I’m thinking it’s time that I should take everybody’s advice and just go get checked out (I should’ve done this before I even began taking on this entire “journey”-even though I hate that word) and yes I know I should’ve done that in the first place but if any of you know me then you probably know that I’m all about jumping in headfirst and figuring out semantics later. I’ve always been more “big picture” guy. (hence the elaborate plan, blog, etc) So I set up a plan, got all jazzed about it and started. Regardless, I’ll be out there tomorrow running, seeing how far I can go.

This is probably going to be the first post a lot of people read because this is the first time I’m really going public with the blog. It was really started initially just to provide myself some accountability and something to force myself to keep going on the plan as it’s laid out. I have shared this with some very limited family and friends already and based on the all the positive feedback I’ve gotten, I’ve decided “what the hell I’m going to go all in on this” and just put out there. This way if any of you really gives a damn about it, you can login any time and see what I’m doing, what I’m thinking, what I’m saying, etc. I still firmly believe that if you’re reading this odds are you’re one of my friends and family and if so thank you for reading. Please feel free to give me encouragement and/or shit about this at any point. I’m always open for any questions/conversations/anything at all regarding my weight loss or running, etc.. I really am an open book on these topics… and in the off-chance someone out internet land came across this blog and can be interested/motivated/ relate to any of this, then all the better, and welcome to you too, mystery Internet reader.

Ok, wathcing a movie with Jenn and then going to bed.


3 responses to “A Good Start / Walking My Ass Off? / Putting It All Out There

  1. I am do proud of for doing the work. One of the hardest parts is starting it and fighting through the ‘pain’. Just made sure you get checked out by the doc and u aren’t pushing yourself too hard…doesn’t hurt to be on the safe side;) love ya Andy!

  2. Get the physical as noted, good pair of running shoes, LISTEN to your buddy and take it slow. As you can see it comes in time and you are already making strides.

  3. adrienne karwoski

    SUPER proud of you Andy..and please keep me posted on any runs, walks,etc you register for bc i would honored to go along w/ you 🙂 encouragement is KEY..i know you can DO IT!!! xoxo

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