Man Up/ Don’t Be a Freaking Moron

Workout # 7 (Week 3, Run 1)

Weight: 321.8 / # of Days to 5K: 73 / # of Days till the Tough Mudder: 332

So the weight is slowly coming off. It’s a good feeling, and just imagine what will happen when I actually start following a strict diet. I have decided I am going to try counting calories, and using an iPhone app to help me do it. I’ve gotten a lot of good references about an app called “my fitness pal”, so I downloaded it, saved in the “My Fat Ass” folder on my phone, and I’m going to start it up this weekend (need to go food shopping first) I’ll let you know how it goes.

So during my run, I got through 2 of the “running legs” of my run, and just as I was about to walk the rest of the lap out and attempt to catch my breath, my right leg gives out on me. I just collapsed. Well, that sucked. I am getting sick and damn tired of being on the freaking ground. I got up after a few minutes and walked out the 1/4 lap but my leg was not right. Limping really bad and weak. By the time I got back to my starting line, I knew I was not able to run just yet, so I am walking up and down the 30 foot access road, breathing really hard, arguing with myself. Out loud. Thank god nobody was taking out their trash or anything, because they would have seen a big, sweaty, panting guy walking (limping) around saying “Man Up”, and then “Don’t Be a Freaking Moron” over and over again. In the end I decided to not be a freaking moron and hobbled back home. I am all for pushing myself, but I don’t want to be stupid either. The whole point of this is to get myself healthy, not to hurt myself. And honestly, I’m too new at this to know what is serious enough to stop me and what I can push through. All I know is not being strong enough to walk normally is generally not a good thing, so I decided to error on the side of caution.

I guess I’ll wait and see what happens, but I can tell you this hurts like a mother. This seems less like “My legs hurt from running” lingering pain and more like “I may have screwed something up” shooting pain. At least now it does. We’ll see what the night brings. It’s frustrating that my body cannot keep up with what my mind wants to do. Balls.


One response to “Man Up/ Don’t Be a Freaking Moron

  1. I’m going to read ALL of your entries, they are addictive. Here’s what happened to me 😛 “It’s frustrating that my body cannot keep up with what my mind wants to do.” Try the other way? Is my body over my brain!

    Regards from Argentina (yeah, Pope, Maradona, Messi, Tango and all of that :D)

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