Man Up/ Don’t Be A Freaking Moron: Update

I’m still up and awake (and thinking) so I figured I’d throw up a little addendum to my last post. The good news is I’m going to survive. My leg still hurts like a mother; and I’ve gone through three bags of frozen peas to try to ice everything down, but I’m still pretty sure that something is going on down there.

What I’m thinking about really is that if this were a year ago, this is exactly the point where I would decide that this is not a good idea and start moving on to the next thing. Not anymore. Yes, it will probably be a setback, but it’s all good. Still driven, still dedicated. CLEARLY need to learn more about my body and what it can/ cannot handle. I also need to learn about what are real injuries and what soreness is. Another way to say it is: Was I just being a sissy tonight? Or is this really something? Just don’t know yet. I rest tomorrow and i’ll start off walking on Friday and go from there. Anyway, if this does turn out to be a setback, I readjust and then keep moving forward. Ok, off to bed.


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