Thanksgiving Weight Loss? / Thoughts on Running & Pain

Workout #5 (Week 2, run 2)

Weight: 323.6 / # of days till 5K: 78 / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 337

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. So, I made it through with as minimal damage as possible. I don’t get it, I was expecting to gain at least another 2-3 pounds. And I lost. Hell Yeah. Hell to the Yeah.

Here’s the deal, every year Jenn and I flip flop whose family we spend Thanksgiving with, and this year was her family. Now when I say that I married into the quintessential “italian family”, I mean it. I’m talking “i-talians” here. Let me tell you, I have never met a more open, caring, welcoming group of people. I really lucked out. I have also never been fed more or eaten better food, either. The holidays are always a test of my willpower, because every singe piece of food on the table is frickin delicious. Between that and the fact that there is routinely enough food for 2 to 3 times (this is not an exaggeration) the number of people actually attending the dinner, I am generally unbuttoning my pants before the evening is over. I managed to only eat one severely overloaded plate. I only took one little scoop of each item, but when there is turkey and 7 different sides, the damn plate just is not big enough. Having a 7 month old who was getting tired (read: cranky) certainly helped in preventing me from my usual seconds or the ever problematic “grazing” all the appetizers and desserts. Tess was her usual super charming self for the bulk of the afternoon and evening, but it started to get dicey as the dinner started to wrap up.

So I ran tonight. Really huffing and puffing. I am still hurting pretty bad by the end, but pushing through it. It’s funny, I am looking at the distance I have to go next week (the 3/4 of a lap), and thinking that it is insane, how the hell am I going to make it to that mark without my lungs falling out or catching fire. Although, I did the 1/4 lap and I thought that was going to end me, and here I am going halfway; so I’m keeping the faith and keeping pushing. Today, one eighth of a mile, three months from now, 3.2 miles.

I did run past 3 deliveries from the local pizza place during my run, and it gave me a little motivation because my place would normally be one of those stops. Not tonight, since thanksgiving leftovers are where it’s at, but any other night, there is a good chance of Jenn and I ordering a pizza because it gets late and there are some night we just plain don’t feel like cooking after we get Tessa down.

Also, I’m getting into the first time that my workouts have really carried over into the rest of my days. This really is kicking my ass. At first, I noticed my legs hurting a little bit, and as the week progressed, I’ve noticed more and more that my legs freaking hurt. I’ve been working muscles that have not been worked in a LONG time, so I’m chalking it up to that. One of my co-workers who knows what I’m doing and is familiar to the trip to get back into running told me “things of you body that you never knew could hurt start to hurt”. I couldn’t agree more. like the back of my knee. really? who hurts the back of their knee?

Ok, happy holidays and off to watch a holiday movie. REALLY hoping I can talk Jenn into National Lampoons Holiday Vacation.


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