Lesson Learned/ More Changes on the Horizon

Workout #4 (Week 2, run 1);

Weight: 329.0 / # of days till 5K: 80 / # of days till the Tough Mudder: 339

Weight fluctuated back up again, which does not surprise me at all, since I ate like a garbage disposal today. I knew things were off to the wrong start after I decided that a donut for breakfast (after my regular healthy breakfast was already eaten) was a good idea.  Things just followed the same pattern from there. it’s ok, when I wake up tomorrow, I will be back on the horse. Yes, I know it’s thanksgiving, but I am going to try my damndest to be good and not be one of the average americans that eats 4000+ calories on Turkey Day.

Lesson Learned- If I can offer you one piece of advice, it would probably be that under no circumstances should you eat an oversized panini sandwich stuffed with italian meats an hour and a half before you go running further than you ever have yet. I, while obviously not thinking, did exactly that. Believe me when I say it had poor, poor results. I left the bulk of that sandwich in the creek about 30 yards off the street. Not good. I know I’m only a week or so into this, but up until this point I have focused on eating healthier, but not following any regimented plan. After tonight’s events, I am rethinking this. Don’t get me wrong, I finished the run/walk tonight, and was able to make the 1/2 lap run- 1/2 lap walk that the plan calls for. It was ugly, but I made it. However I’d prefer to complete it without the upheaval/interruptions. which leads me to my other point…

More Changes on the Horizon- It has become obvious to me, based on the food dumpster day I had, the increased weight, and the pukey run, that I need to adhere to a strict food plan. All the running in the world is not going to help me if I keep pumping myself full of crap. I’ve been trying to make healthy choices, but today’s derailment is evidence that the wheels can fall off at any time. The funny thing is that Jenn and I were over visiting another couple that we have been friends with for more than a decade now, and I spent the better part of the night talking fitness and running with our host. Mind you, I did this immediately after eating a sandwich as big as my daughter’s head. So I will be looking into the various food plans and picking the one that I think will work for me long-term and I won’t end up hating or burning out on in a few weeks. As I sift through all the options i’ll keep posting about it. But the morale of the story here is no more halfway, time to the whole thing right.

On an aside, I’m thinking of adding some pictures to the blog, so you can get a look at me and my progress as I go along. All I have to do is enlist Jenn as my photographer.

I am frickin exhausted. Off to bed.


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