Surprised I didn’t see that one coming…

For those of you who are bigger, you’ll get this, if for any reason some skinny runners are reading this, let me enlighten you.
One thing I forgot to mention is the fact that I’m surprised a fire didn’t break out between my legs, just based on how much my thighs were rubbing together. It wasn’t too bad while I was out there, but last night and this morning was kind of dicey. So much so that the worst parts are starting to form a scab, like I had an open wound or something. It’s like a knife fight broke out last night near my junk.

I’ll need to come up with a solution for this, otherwise I’ll have to come up an explanation for my co-workers as to why I’m walking funny…


3 responses to “Surprised I didn’t see that one coming…

  1. I read a lot of running blogs and most people use this…

    (even skinny people chafe!)

  2. I started running 3 weeks ago. Last week I started having major chafing problems. Not fun!

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