Now That Was Different…

Workout #2

Weight 326.6/ # of days till 5K: 84/ # of days till the Tough Mudder: 343

Ok, first the weight. I don’t get it either. Apparently, I lost 2 pounds in the course of a day. I didn’t eat anything different, I just spent the day like I always do. I actually got back on the scale and and weighed myself 3 times to be sure it wasn’t just a screwy reading. I’m guessing when you have as much to lose as I do, 2 pounds is easier to get rid of for me than for someone who is anywhere near their actual recommended body fat percentage.

So, about the run. Well, the good news is I stayed upright for the entire time. I call it a run, but in actuality, I am running for 1/16th of a mile and then walking for 3/16 of a mile (that makes up 1/4 of a mile, or one lap around a track. In my case, the track is a circular road in my neighborhood that just luckily happens to be a quarter of a mile long) and repeating this 4 times. That is the first week of the running program I’m on. Week 2 is running 1/2 of each quarter mile lap and then walking the second half, week three is run 3/4 and walk 1/4, etc. Seems so simple when someone else lays it out like that, doesn’t it?

This was my first time ever running on a road as opposed to a treadmill. Wow, is it different. It feels like it’s exponentially harder, and even though it really kicked me in the ass, I like it a lot more. Granted, I was pretty sure I was going to throw up from about halfway through till the end, but luckily there was no hurling on the road. The boy scout fire was back in my lungs, but it seemed a little better tonight, maybe because I did it yesterday and I’m getting a little better, maybe because I was outside in the cool air, or maybe a combo of the two. Whatever the reason, i’ll take it. It was about 45 degrees out when I was out there and running in a pair of shorts, a long sleeve tee, fleece vest and winter hat was freaking awesome. I’ve always been more of a colder weather guy, and this right here is my ideal. Plus, it’s not as boring as a treadmill, at least when I’m running around the circle, I’m “going somewhere”.

Taking tomorrow off as my body is pretty pissed off at me right now, but I’ll be right back on that horse on Monday. The running plan even budgets in days in between to rest, so tomorrow there will be no big man running.

All right, off to collapse on the couch for a while and off to bed.





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